A Farewell Trip

We’re back from our whirlwind week which began last Sunday.  Here’s a recap of our crazy week:

Sunday (7/29) We were in Vermont at my family reunion.  Sunday morning, Vinay got a message from his Mother that his Grandfather had passed away.  After the initial shock, we started running thru the options; Vinay would fly out for the services.  Would I come and leave Avery with family, or would Avery come with us?  On our drive back to Boston, we decided we would all go together.  If I was in Vinay’s shoes, I would want him by my side, and bringing Avery would hopefully lighten everyone’s mood.  Once home, we booked our tickets (Thanks to our dear friend, Ngoc).

Monday (7/30)  We worked a full day and made arrangements to be gone for the rest of the week.  Avery had his last day at his (old) daycare-we would need to push back his start date at his new daycare to next week.  That night we hurridly packed and got to bed…

Tuesday (7/31)  We were up at 2:30am, showered, packed last minute items, and we were out the door at 3:30am.  Parked near the airport and took a cab to the airport at 4am.  On a flight at 5:30am to Houston, an hour layover, another flight to San Jose.  Avery took a nap on each flight which helped, but 8 1/2 hours in the air with a 10-month old is…fun.  We arrived at 1pm (west coast time).  Got a car and drove to Vinay’s Aunt’s.  We dropped our stuff off and drove to Vinay’s Grandparent’s house to join the family.  Then it was back to his Aunt’s for some sleep.

Wednesday (8/1)  We attended the funeral services… which were intimate and lovely.  Flowers and kind words were shared to celebrate Vinay’s Grandfather. We had a nice lunch at an Indian buffet (yum!) after.

Thursday (8/2) We spent the day visiting Vinay’s Grandmother, Mom, and Aunt.  Avery kept them entertained.  That night there was a nice family dinner.

great grandmother

Friday (8/3) Vinay’s cousin took us to a park in San Fransisco to relax.  Avery had a good time…

baby san fran

That afternoon we spent with family and that night Vinay’s family spread his Grandfather’s ashes.

Saturday (8/4)  We had an fun eventful trip back.  It started in the morning when Avery took his first steps!!!  He was standing holding on a chair, let go. Stood for a bit, then took 2-3 steps before falling down on his hands!  So exciting, especially since Avery began crawling on our last trip to Cali.

We drove to San Jose Airport for a flight that would connect in Denver.  Right before we checked in, the flight was delayed an hour, which meant we would miss our connecting flight.  They shuttled us to San Fransisco Airport (1 hour away) to fly direct to Boston, to arrive around the same time (midnight).  It was not fun trekking suitcases, a car seat, and a 10-month old.  But we made it.  Then the plane was delayed, and when we got on the plane, it was delayed more for maintenance.  We finally took off and Avery slept most of the way.  We got a little shut eye too.

Sunday (8/5)  We arrived in Boston at 2am.  After gathering our things and making our way home, we got in at 3:30am.  Avery was wide awake so we watched some Olympics while Avery burnt off some energy.  Then we were all off to bed for a couple hours sleep…

Although our whirlwind of travels was unexpected and difficult at times, it was well worth the visit…and we are so glad Avery was able to meet his Great Grandfather, a mere 2 months ago…
great grandfather


6 thoughts on “A Farewell Trip

  1. I am so sorry I am just catching up now. I’m so sorry for your loss. He seems to have lived a long good life and was even able to meet the handsome, cute as can be, stud, Avery. I am glad that you all decided to make the trip out together as a family and look — Avery took his first few steps. I think this might be a trend for him.

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