In Loving Memory…

While we were at my family reunion in Vermont this weekend, we received some sad news.  Vinay, Grandfather had passed away.  As soon as we heard, we made arrangements to travel to join the family in California.  All three of us will be hopping a plane early tomorrow morning and spending the week with our family.

In loving memory of C.K. Nataraj…

This picture was taken less than two months ago, when we brought Avery to California to meet his Great Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and most importantly, his Great Grandparents.  Naina (as we call Vinay’s Grandfather), was thrilled to meet Avery.  After seeing him crawl around and everyone sit there and just watch him, Naina said he is not a baby, he is an ‘Entertainer’.

We are so sad that Naina is no longer with us, but so happy that he was able to meet Avery and spend time with his first grandchild…


14 thoughts on “In Loving Memory…

  1. Meghan – So very sorry for your loss. You must be so grateful that he was able to live long enough to see the the next next branch on the family tree.

  2. So sorry for your loss! However, I am so happy that you have those wonderful memories of them meeting. Have safe travels and you are in my thoughts.

      • Thanks, Mel. The services were lovely and the family was thrilled to see Avery so it couldn’t have gone any better (well, minus the delays on flights coming home Saturday… but to be expected!)

    • Thanks, Adrianne. We are back safe. I had a free second last night before bed and I popped over to your blog. Annabel is walking!!! Congrats 🙂 I feel like I’m disconnected from the world after being away for a week…

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