PLEASE Go to Sleep: Month 10 Progress

We have good news in the sleep department.  Good, but not great. We’re still struggling with Avery sleeping thru the night consistently… but we’ve made progress.

Avery is no longer drinking bottles in the middle of the night.  Thanks to a push from fellow mommies and Avery’s doctor, we switched from formula to water at night.  He was NOT happy about that at first, but luckily, I planned to wean him of the nightly feeding while Grammy was visiting.  That way, I could get sleep while Grammy settled down our very grumpy little man (crying, flailing, the works!)

How did it go?  Well, the first night he woke a bunch of times.  The second night was less.  The third night he woke up 5-6 times.  So, after a rough third night, Grammy and I thought about tossing this idea out the window – but if I’ve learned anything from being a Mom and other motherly advice givers, is that you need to stick to it!  We did, and as the week continued, it got better.

Avery now wakes, on average, 2 times a night.  He will drink a while from his bottle or just needs to be cuddled.  He’s slept thru the night 3 times this month, but we’ve also had a couple rough nights.  One night I was up from 12-2 with him.  He would NOT go back to sleep!  I eventually gave in after 2 hours of crying and gave him a small bottle.  We BOTH needed sleep at that point.  I didn’t turn it into habit though, so we can just call it a fluke night.

Although we are done with middle of the night bottles, we aren’t out of the water yet – He still isn’t sleeping through the night, and we don’t know what to try next.  I’m going on 7 months of working full (and overtime) hours, plus taking care of Avery and a house… I would REALLY love some consistent UNINTERRUPTED sleep.  Plus, I’m sure Avery’s quality of sleep is just as bad…so I want BOTH of us sleeping well.

What to try next?  Any suggestions?  We have a daily routine – he eats, naps, and goes to bed at the same time almost every day.  He has a bedtime routine which he usually falls right asleep after.  And I have tried letting him cry at night, so he would have to put himself to sleep, but that just makes it worse.  That’s why he was up for 2 hours one night recently… because I tried letting him cry but he just got madder and madder and it was even harder to get him to sleep. BUT he does not consistently wake up at the same time every night.  Some nights he doesn’t wake until 3 am, others he is up at 10, 12, 3, and 5.  So, although I got some great advice from Nina at Sleeping Should Be Easy, to wean Avery from nightly feedings by waking him and feeding him right before he typically wakes at odd hours, so we didn’t try that.  But please keep the suggestions coming!  I love seeing Avery, but I could do without this in the middle of the night…

Advice?  Tips & Tricks?  I’d love to hear!


15 thoughts on “PLEASE Go to Sleep: Month 10 Progress

  1. I see you already have him on a routine, which is great. Claire has been sleeping consistently through the night for a few months now. Usually, her routine is: bath time at 8 p.m., pajamas and lotion at 8:15 p.m., last bottle around 8:20 and she’s asleep by 9. During a blue moon, she’ll wake up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason — sometimes she just lays there and talks to herself for a few minutes and drifts back to sleep, other times she cries. It’s only when she cries that I get up to check on her, and even then, I just change her diaper (it’s usually wet), hold her for just a minute and then put her back in her crib. She still cries, but that usually only lasts for a few minutes and she’s back asleep again.
    Her pediatrician told us to not even pick her up when she cries at night, but I can’t help it.
    Having said allllll of that, I would suggest revisiting the “cry it out” method. It may seem cruel at first, but it’s something that’s really worked in our favor — we don’t even turn our baby monitor on anymore (we can still hear her from down the hall anyway). Whatever you decide to try, I hope it works! 🙂

    • Lauren, Thanks for your advice. You’re so lucky to have Claire sleeping thru the night! Other Mom’s made the same suggestion – to let Avery cry it out. Looks like we’ll have to try that. I’ll just have to find an activitiy to keep my mind off hearing him because our house is so mall that you can hear him from anywhere in it.

  2. I wish I had a secret answer to share with you. We did the crying out and it worked the first night! Have you tried giving him a lovey or stuffed animal? Maybe when he wakes up in the middle of the night he could use that item to soothe. Although, I definitely have no experience in this department so it may be a bad idea. I hope you get some good answers!

    • Hi Patty. We do have a stuffed bunny that I slept with for a few nights, so it has my scent and Avery does cuddle it. But when he gets up in the middle of the night, he could care less about it, haha. We tried letting Avery cry it out months ago and it was a battle every night. We’ll try it again and maybe it’ll work this time?

  3. Ha, girl I’m still trying to figure out the middle of the night sleeping patterns. My daughter is still 3 months and still wakes up every 3 or so hrs to feed in the middle of the night. Some nights are more rough than others. Question: when you feed him at night, do you change his diaper too? I read somewhere to not do that unless it’s extremely soiled or a poopy diaper to avoid rash. No playing either. Since I read that my life has been a whole of a lot easier.. But still not too sure what else might help. My other mom friends say they will just grow out of it over time. Kudos to you and all the other moms who are back to work and still battling to get sleep! I don’t know how you do it. But keep up the good work, it’ll get better! At least that’s what everyone tell me. Lol. 🙂

    • Hi Mel! I used to change his diaper at night, but stopped that a long time ago. I read that you shouldn’t do that too, unless it was soiled. And we don’t play. As soon as I pick him up, he calms down and just cuddles. Sometimes he’s thirsty and gets water and that helps. Other times he is MAD and flails around and screams. And other times he’s wide-eyed and ready to play… at 2am. So I can never call what the deal is, as it seems different every night. He also just popped his 5th tooth thru, so I feel bad letting him cry, wondering if he’s in pain. But I hear doing the ‘cry it out’ method might be the best, although it’s hard to do. We will see…

  4. Oh man, I sure wish I had some tips to offer! Sadly we’ve been going through a bit of a sleep regression or something around here lately. For about the last month or so, Annabel has been very hit or miss in terms of whether or not she sleeps through the night. And then sometimes she’ll sleep through but then be awake at 5am….for the day! Not fun. And her naps are a struggle too. I’ll be reading all of the comments you get though and hoping to see something that might work for us too! 🙂 This baby sleep business is so tricky!

    • It’s nice to know Avery isn’t the only one with sleeping troubles, but I also feel for you because I know what it’s like to have short, broken, sleep at night. Let’s hope someone has a secret to share with us that’ll get them to sleep!

  5. my first question would be how is he napping during the day but it sounds like he naps pretty good. Sometimes if Mikayla doesn’t nap well, she wont sleep well at night. I always thought it was the opposite but not so! Good sleep during the day prmotes good sleep at night. But if he is napping well, no clue what to tell ya! I am sorry to hear! It must be frustrating and exhausting. We have (in the past when we were sleep training) turned the monitor off. I know it might sound cruel BUT, its hard on you than him…he won’t remember it. Do what you feel comfortable doing.

    • Hi, good question. Avery is a very good napper most of the time. He usually has 2-3 naps a day, 1hr each on average. I tried letting him cry it out last night, but when I went to check on him, he had a messy diaper so I had to go over a little of the bedtime routine again to settle him down. Seems like there is always something that throws him off!

  6. Meghan, have you tried keeping night times pretty subdued, sometimes checking in without even picking him up or holding him? That has worked for us because then he knows night time is for sleeping.

    But yeah CIO worked for us after two nights, but we made sure to have a routine and not to overdo the check-ins. I think definitely consistency is key. When parents are fickle with their methods, the kid may not take it so seriously or wonder what’s next to expect.

    Sorry to hear that Avery is still up at nights! Hopefully other mommies will provide some useful tips that will work!

    • Thanks, Nina. I’ll have to try that for bedtime – no picking up. Right now the routine is to go in every 3,5,7,10 etc minutes (longer each time) lay him down, give him his pacifier (that he usually spits out over the side of the crib) and his bunny and say good night and leave. He screams bloody murder for quite a while so it’s very hard to keep it up.

  7. Most of the things I’ve heard other parents talk about is just not touching, feeding, or changing their diapers when you check on them at night. Just poke your head in so he sees you but then walk away. (I believe this is the Ferber method?)

    The other thing I can think of is, how many naps is Avery getting in the day? Maybe he’s getting too much sleep. If he’s still getting 2 naps in the day, then take one away. Kyle used to hate taking naps and whenever he would take one, I noticed the nighttime gets worse. Some kids just don’t need so much sleep. Alyson on the other hand loves her sleep. She takes a nap (2 if we give it to her) and sleeps at least 10 hours straight at night. So each kid can have really different sleeping habits.

    • Thanks, Mychelle. I think Avery is one of those kids that doesn’t need much sleep. We pushed his bedtime back 30 minutes, so now he sleeps 745-6. And he takes 1-2 naps at daycare, and sometimes a late afternoon nap. I should try to cut out one of them and see how it goes. As always, thanks for your mommy advice!

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