Oh, Avery!

Let me preface this story with a little background info: Avery has 4 favorite bedtime books:  “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” and this adorable 3 book set from our friend Susan: A Diaper David Book by David Shannon.  They are entitled “Oh, David“, “David Smells“, and “Oops“.
a diaper david pocke book libraryI love the thick pages of the books which make it easy for Avery to turn the page, and there is only a couple words per page, so Avery’s attention is kept and the book can be read in a good 30 seconds.  Avery will only sit still for these 4 books before bed.  Any other one you try to read, he squirms around and starts fussing.


Well, apparently, he’s taking in what he’s reading.  Here is a picture from the “Oh David!” book:
Oh David TP

And here is a picture of what I found in the bathroom before I went to bed last night:
toilet paper roll

“Oh, Avery!”

If this continues, we have some other fun ‘David’ moments to look forward to: dumping a box of cheerios on the floor and macaroni on the dog…

Have you had any Oh, David! Moments?  Please share!

Image sources: “Oh, David!” Book Set, “Oh, David!” page image


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