Summer Lovin’ Pool Fun

It’s summer.  It’s hot.  Let’s get a pool!

No, it’s not in-ground, filtered, quipped with a diving board and pool bar, but it does keep Avery cool…

Here’s the new pool with Avery & Auntie Sarah testing it out – before it even had water!
baby pool 7

It’s big enough for adults & small enough for kiddos…

baby pool 9

And the sides blow up, so it’s safe for Avery to cruise along, and tall enough to keep him from falling overboard…

baby pool 8

Here’s a few wet ones of Avery enjoying the pool with his week at home with Grammy

baby pool 3

Parenting Tip: Don’t buy beach/pool toys… use bath toys!

baby pool 4

Don’t you just LOVE Avery’s adorable swim trunks and UV protected shirt?

baby pool 1

And the faces when he’s wet… haha.  When he splashed himself or falls down, he doesn’t cry, he just makes silly faces like this…

baby pool 2

And since Avery loves pools so much, we took him to Uncle Mike’s pool in Vermont while we were visiting Grammy & Grampy.

baby pool 5

See him clinging to Vinay?  He wasn’t digging it.  He was holding onto Daddy for dear life, like when we went to the ocean the first and second times.  Maybe it’s just the large expanse of water that’s scary.

Although Avery didn’t care for the bigger pool, we did get in a nice family picture!

baby pool 6

How do you cool off in the summer?  Do you have a kiddie pool too?  Or a big fancy in-ground one?  Do you use your neighbors or just run through the sprinkler?

  • Oye!  Grammy got Avery’s kiddie pool for a steal of $20! Just saw it in this week’s circular for Christmas Tree Shop if you want one too…
  • Oyye! Uncle Mike’s pool is my parent’s old pool.  Another bargain deal!

13 thoughts on “Summer Lovin’ Pool Fun

  1. Those pools are so much fun and versatile. Kids can splash around all day and when the friends come over … Fill it up with ice and adult beverages. 😉

  2. Cute pics! We do have a small splash pool for Oster. Although, we’ve been using the sprinkler more…he just seems to like it better. It looks like Avery is having a blast in his water.

  3. We have a little blow up pool that Cassidy loves. We also take her to a local tot swim on Saturday mornings at our aquatic center. It is perfect because it is for kids 5 and under so they can get used to the water in a much more mellow setting before the pool opens up to the general public. And I agree, we use bath toys too. Same idea, right? I am glad that Avery is loving his summer!

    • I’m looking into the aquatic classes at our local Y. We have a lot going on though, so not sure when to fit it in. I hope we can because it seems like fun!

    • Huggies Swimmers. I remembered this morning that I keep forgetting to check with Avery’s new daycare about cloth diapers. If they are OK with them, I’m going to pitch the idea to my husband. Oh… had a question for you. How are cloth diapers when they begin potty training? Are they easy for kiddos to pull up and down? Just curious if you knew 🙂

      • Caleb’s never been in a pool and wasn’t sure if cloth would work in there or not ;p

        I’m not sure about about the potty training yet…haven’t thought that far in advance yet. It would not be easy for the kids to unsnap and go. I’ll have to check on what the other mamas are doing. haha

  4. That pool looks perfect! We have a teeny tiny one that really only allows Annabel to sit in, so most of our swimming is done at our neighborhood pool or any my in-laws house. They have a fantastic pool and we love the privacy and not having to share with anyone else! 🙂

    • Oh, it’s great to have places to swim and not have to have a pool to clean and maintain at home! Does Annabel love the water? She’s such a happy little girl all the time I’m sure she does!

      • She LOVES the water! Can’t get enough of it. There’s a giant mushroom thingy at our neighborhood pool that has water pouring over all of the sides and it’s really loud. I thought it would terrify her, but last weekend she just wanted to walk under it, back and forth:) She had a little meltdown because all she wanted to do was “walk” in the pool (that’s her thing right now- walking everywhere while holding our hands) but obviously she couldn’t and it did not make her happy! She doesn’t know that she can’t swim yet, which is a little bit scary. We have to keep a very close eye on her! And get her into swim lessons.

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