Guest Blogging 101

Did you miss me yesterday?  I was over at Todayi, contributing my very first guest blog post!  What did I write about?  We found a new daycare for Avery! Read about it here.

Did you enjoy Melaine’s post about 10 Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary?  I’d love to do #5, but wonder if I’d be able to stay awake late enough.  We’ve already been sky-diving together, so maybe we can add to our list of adventures with #8. We have big plans to do #4 to Hawaii…someday.  Thanks, Melanie for these great ideas and for being our first guest blogger!

Apparently this ‘guest blogging’ thing is pretty popular.  After Melanie invited me to guest blog, I was flattered and excited…but had no idea what I was doing.  Melanie briefly explained the concept and within a week we connected our blogs and I submitted my post to her and she to me, and voila, we had guest blogged!

After scrambling to get the post to Melanie – not that I wrote it sloppily, it’s just we had gone away for the weekend, work, Avery, oh and I designed some bridesmaid invitations for my cousin, yada yada yada… aka I was busy – I did some research and there’s tons of people out there doing it! “Come on Mom, EVERYBODY’S DOING IT!”

So, I thought I’d share my findings on Guest Blogging 101:

  1. It brings more traffic to your blog.  And in this case, since Melanie & I ‘swapped’, we BOTH benefit! How?  Her followers will check out my blog, and mine hers. Our readers will get a taste of something new, from a different perspective.  Everybody wins!
  2. There is TONS of material out there on it.  Informative books & blog posts, contests, websites that connect guest bloggers to relevant blogs looking for guest bloggers.  If you’re interested in learning more, these articles were some good reads:

  3. It builds trust, credibility, & comradeship with other bloggers.  It’s great to connect to others in the blogging world, and when you’re blog content and writing is appreciated enough to be entrusted to write on someone else’s blog, it’s flattering and a fun experience!  So much that we might do it again…

Would you like to guest blog at RatnamResidence?  Leave a comment to let us know!  Maybe after a couple more of these, I can write Blogging 201…

6 thoughts on “Guest Blogging 101

  1. I totally forgot to come back and leave a comment! I remember reading this a few weeks ago. Guest blogging sounds fun and i would love for you to guest blog on my blog! We should talk about some topics! So glad you found a daycare too! I left another comment about that on todayi’s blog 🙂

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