Introducing Table Foods

Since Avery’s teeth have been coming in, he’s been practicing chewing with finger foods like gerber crackers, puffs, and crunchies.  Most recently he’s tried table foods: cheerios, bagels, blueberries, chicken, bread, and in this pictures, Avery and Daddy are enjoying pancakes for breakfast together…

So far, no allergies and the only food he hasn’t liked is watermelon.

What table foods to you suggest we try next?


16 thoughts on “Introducing Table Foods

  1. Egg is another great, easy table food, but with Vinay’s allergy, this might have to wait until he is past 1 year or longer to try.

    Peaches, plum, cherries, and kiwis are other soft fruit to try. Though, pitting cherries and peeling the skin is a bit PitA, but Alyson loves them, so what can I do.

    Handmashed potatoes, mac&cheese, couscous, meatballs & pasta, and cut-up spinach are other easily digested meals. Soups are also great since every is soft and mostly cutup already! Every now and then I thicken the soup up with Farina (cream of wheat or cream of rice if you want gluten-free) to make a more filling meal.

    Glad Avery is enjoying his table food! It’s going to such a time and money saver for you!

  2. Lili loves omelettes and STRAWBERRIES. The babe can’t get enough of strawberries. I swear, strawberry stains everywhere. LOL — Lili’s recently tried hotdogs and she’s eh about it. I mean, she’ll eat it. My parents think she eats everything. I’m getting a cooking lesson tonight from my MIL and we’re making turkey stew. YUM. I’m excited. I love learning new recipes and hopefully a dish Lili will grow to like.

    • STEW?! It’s high 90s here today in Boston. I bet it’s just as hot down there… you’re crazy, girl! Avery hasn’t had strawberries yet… time to introduce them and check if they are ok, then we’ll try them for finger foods. Thanks for the suggestion! Hubby is dealthy alergic to egg, so we’re going to steer clear of egg for a bit…

  3. Go Avery! Looks like he’s getting past his aversion to chunky food! 🙂 I’ve been trying to give Annabel small pieces of anything soft that we’ve been eating lately just to see her reaction. I gave her a few bites of my lasagna last week and she loved that. But her favorite snack these days is raisins!! I have a little container of cheerios and raisins that I take with us when we’re out running errands (mainly to keep her occupied!) and she’s gotten to where she’ll just pick the raisins out:) She really loves them, so maybe you could try those as well!

    • Oh my gosh – how adorable!!! You know she’ll be the kid picking out the marshmellows from her lucky charms. haha. I actually bought little raisin packs last weekend, haven’t tried them yet. I think you were originally the one to suggest them. I’ll have to try them tonight!!

      • Whenever he is a competent chewer, I guess! I can’t remember an exact age when I started those. I do remember being surprised that my kids could eat things, like Cheerios, with only about two teeth. My experience with my three was that they could eat more than I expected, much earlier than I expected!

      • Thanks! Avery is a pretty good chewer. I was surprised (like you) when we tried a cheerio and he had no trouble with it! So exciting to see him eating on his own! I saw a couple in the baby food isle at Target (aka, I eavesdropped) contemplating when to start trying to get their daughter to use a spoon to feed herself. She didn’t look much older than Avery… gotta research when to start that!

      • I wish I could remember. (My oldest is two.) It won’t hurt to just have the spoon there and see what he does with it! Finger foods were definitely my favorite things. When my kids could eat by themselves, it was wonderful!

      • Oh, it’s like a vacation having him eating in his chair while I do some dishes in the kitchen! I’ll try giving him the spoon but I bet he’ll just try to eat the spoon. Everything goes in the mouth!

    • We did try last month… Avery hated it! He doesn’t like ‘slimy’ finger foods. Bananas he loves (mushy from a spoon)… but bits of banana to pick up? No way! Such a weirdo… then again I have this thing with different textured foods so maybe it’s all my fault?…

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