The Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

Although we had less visitors this past month (because everyone’s on vacation?! right?), we’re still making new friends in the blog world…. and our new friend, Patty at Discover and Devour likes us so much that she nominated us for the “The Very Inspiring Blogger Award” !!!

Thanks, Patty!  Let’s cut to the chase and go over the rules for accepting this honor…

The Rules:

1.  Display the award logo on your blog. Check!

2.  Link back to the blog of the person who nominated you. Check!

3.  State seven things about yourself.

1.  I have a tattoo.  I got it a few years ago with my Grandma on a girls weekend trip.  I kept teasing her that we should get tattoos together, and we did!

2.  I know ALL the linking-verbsThanks Mr. Tyson.  In 6th grade, we memorized all the linking verbs, and to this day, I can still recite them.  Prove it?  OK. do did does am is are was were have has had seems appears. would could should can may might will shall.  would be could be should be can be may be might be will be would’ve been could’ve been may’ve been might’ve been…and the nots!

3.  I don’t eat my vegetables.  Yeah, to this day I still hate them.  I eat a few (lettuce, peppers, cucumbers) and manage to eat as much salad as I can to supplement, but if I was made to eat a carrot today, I’d douse it in ranch dressing like I used to as a kid…bleck!

4.  I can never decide if I like my hair long or short.  It gets long and it’s harder to maintain, but it’s so pretty.  Then I cut it and it’s so easy to get ready in the morning, but it’s not as feminine… so for now the mommy in me that would rather save 10 minutes blow drying my hair in the morning wins over and for now, it’s short 🙂

5.  I strongly believe everything happens for a reason.  Even when something bad or difficult happens in life, there’s always a reason for it.. whether its a lesson or it points me in a direction for something good in the future.  A great example is that 2 months after we got engaged, we found out we were expecting.  This pushed up our wedding (a whole year) and my ‘brother’ stationed in Germany was able to come and stand beside me on our wedding day.  Had we not moved up the wedding, He wouldn’t have made it this year (originally our wedding date/year).

6.  I love surprises!  I love them so much that I’ve given surprise gifts and parties to tons of loved ones.  We surprised my friend at work by all wearing t-shirts for her 50th birthday, I’ve given Vinay a couple surprise parties, and my sis and I threw our parents surprise a 25th anniversary party.  I should put a byline into my friend contract ***being friends with Meghan may result in lots of surprise parties!***

7.  I wear contacts.  Probably a result of #3.  You’ll rarely see me in my library glasses (oh yeah, they’re hott).  But I’m always wearing contacts.  I wonder how Avery’s eye-sight will be.  I better feed him carrots for dinner tonight…

4.  Nominate 7 other bloggers for the award and provide links to their blogs.

In no specific order, here are a few blogs that I love to check-in on for humor, recipes, home renovations, mommy tips & guidance…

Bachs by the Beach

Run Around My Blog

Flavors of Life

Sixtine and the Little Things

Chasing Fulfillment

A Goode House

Dare to Desert

5.  Notify those bloggers that they have been nominated. (Check!)

Check out the other awards we’ve been nominated for here!


9 thoughts on “The Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

  1. Mrs. Popularity over here 🙂 I love the random facts too! You better take some vitamins missy you’ve got a little one that needs you to keep up! Btw, I am totally with you 10,000% on #5.

  2. Thanks Meghan! You spoil me rotten, girl! I hardly feel like I deserve this but it means so much… especially from you. I hope you know I think you’re awesome and definitely inspire me.
    You manage so much from full-time job, home, marriage, parenting, making time for fun, and the best is seeing how much you love being a mom. Always inspiring… always real. Thanks for thinking my little corner of the world is somewhat interesting. I love it when you visit me!

    P.S. What IS your tattoo? Is it a secret? (lol)

    • Haha, leave it to you, Stacey to complement me and ask such a personal question all in the same comment! I appreciate your kind words. And since you’ve got me buttered up, I’ll spill- My tattoo is a maple leaf, approx 1-1/2in in size (maybe bigger now after Avery stretched out my skin!). It represents my family and friends and where I grew up (Vermont). I knew I wanted it since I was probably 18, but never got around to getting it until I had a memorable reason to get it… and getting it with my Grandma (I think I was 23?) was the BEST experience… hmm I should blog about that. Good story….

      • ABSOLUTELY! Very good story. I knew you probably had a great one behind it and a very well thought out tattoo at that. Those are the best kind…
        I love the leaf idea. PERFECT. Richie has a few and they all mean something really special. I think they’re so cool. Thanks for spilling the beans, Meghan… I hope that was okay to ask. (laughing) I just knew it was probably something cool. 🙂

      • If I didn’t want to share details I wouldn’t have mentioned it in the first place 🙂 Now I’ll just have to elaborate on it on a rainy day that I have nothing else to blog about… 🙂

  3. Hey, Meghan! Love your 7 things, especially your #2 🙂 Too funny. I’m really enjoying your blog (I was on a small hiatus due to a migraine 😦 ) And it’s so good to be back to normal. Thanks for your kind words.

    • Oh no, a migrane?! I’ve never had one and hope I never do. I hope you are feeling much better and look forward to reading more from your blog 🙂

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