Live-In-Grammy Week #1: Recap

Last week was Live-In-Grammy Week. While Avery’s Daycare was on vacation, Grammy stayed with us to help out.  We brought Grammy back to VT this past weekend, so let’s recap what we’ve been able to accomplish this week…

My original list I made on Monday is old news. I was able to accomplish some of it:

1. Clean.

  • Kitchen: Grammy reorganized cabinets and cleaned the fridge… yay!
  • Bathroom: Vinay & I tackled this Monday night in 1/2 an hour
  • Living Room: Grammy washed the couch and it’s cushion covers – Sooo needed! There were stains from Avery spit up, and on a black couch, that looked ikky. And she swept up the dust bunnies under the couch!

2. Organize – didn’t have time 😦 But it can wait…

3. Work. I got 9 extra hours in this week – cha-ching!!!

4. Paint & 5.Pictures… didn’t happen because some stuff came up that took priority…

List Additions:

6. Avery Toys: I was looking for a push walker for Avery because he is learning to walk…. and found a women nearby (via craigslist) selling all her son’s old stuff and ended up with these…

20120716-080856.jpg 20120716-080836.jpg 20120716-080847.jpg

For a whopping $40…total!!! And I snagged a pack and play for my cousin, Beth (expecting a boy in October).

7. Daycare! I spent the second half of the week scrambling to find Avery a new daycare because his is closing! I’ll post an update about this soon!

8. Time with Avery & Grammy. Although I could have worked late two more days this week, I chose not to so I could spend time with Avery and Grammy. I just can’t pull myself away from time with family… it’s just so much fun and important to see Avery because every day he’s changing and doing something new and I hate missing out on that, even for a day!!!

9. Finances I spent some nights going over our finances originally because we wanted to check our budget and see where we are spending to much and where we can cut back… but then it turned into, how can we afford a higher priced daycare?! And we’ve been throwing around ideas of me working part time or taking Avery full-time and being a stay at home mom and just working a little from home… we’re trying every avenue to see what we can financially do.

Mid-week I became a little disappointed because I saw there was no way I’d accomplish everything on my original list, but as I write all this down, I realize we got A LOT accomplished this week! I’ve learned as a mommy, wife, and homeowner that you just have to make priorities and sometimes things on the list fall behind and can wait another day, or sometimes another week or month.

When you became a mommy, wife, homeowner, what tasks do you push to the side for another day, or week? Cleaning, socializing, exercise?


9 thoughts on “Live-In-Grammy Week #1: Recap

  1. thats great you got some stuff crossed off the list! I have found that i put cleaning to the side the most. I am type A when it comes to organizing and cleaning so i was always doing this. Now, its a quick wipe down of the bathroom counters with lysol wipes instead of full blown cleaning but it does its job just fine!

  2. Cleaning – can definately wait til next week. Socialising – what was that again? Excercise – I believe I remember that you need a certain amount of energy for this, so unlikely. You did great completing so many things of the list, but great that you didn’t overdo it and had lots of family time as well. It is so important. I fully recommend part time working, it’s really hard at work but it is so great to spend more time with the little one.

    • Thanks for your input! I’d love to work part-time so I could spend more time with my little squirt… we will see if that’s in the cards in the future. For now I spend as much time as I can with him, and after he goes to sleep at night, if the dishes are done and food are on the table, it’s a good night. If the bathroom has also been cleaned and I called my mom to chat, it’s an amazingly good nite!

  3. Cleaning was pushed aside so much that it was a big task. Finally got a small handle on things…
    Looked like you scored big with the toys! We got some cool stuff at a garage sale too.

    • You are so right! I realized that if we dedicate just 30 minutes to a room, we can tackle it together. So if we did one room every couple days, we’d keep things clean-ish.
      Aren’t second-hand things awesome! I’m scoring some clothes for Avery too… most not even used!

  4. First things first, I would LOVE to be a stay-at-home-mommy!!! Oh, I would be so happy to be a SAHM, but yeah, we cannot afford it. Perhaps one day?!? Like I said, there’s a solution to every problem, so I am sure things will work out for the best. Keep us posted on this please.

    As for tasks that have been aside — I’d say laundry. Not only did I hate it before marriage and kids, but now it’s tripled since then. LOL My sister does a wash and fold place but holy crap, do you know how much that costs????

    • Are you still trekking up and down all those stairs for laundry? Maybe you should skip a morning workout and just do laundry – a good butt workout for sure!

      We’re working on the daycare thing – I’d love to be a SAHM too… but for many reasons it may not happen, not for right now at least…

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