So.  We were thrown a curve ball yesterday when I received and email from Avery’s Daycare provider.  She’s closing.  Ugh.  At the end of the month(in 2-1/2 weeks).  Double Ugh.

Avery’s been at this in-home daycare since he was 3 months old, so that’s almost 7 months.  They’ve been wonderful – keeping me informed if Avery’s not himself, and they caught him having thrush a few times, and he even recently ‘graduated’ into another room… so he was crawling around with the toddlers instead of in the nursery area.  They even have a Facebook page they posted pictures of him during the day so I see what he’s up to…


Sadly, this means we have to kick our butts in gear and find Avery a new daycare.  We lucked out that this one was near my work and was really reasonably priced.  So, we’re thinking about looking for another in-home daycare that has the same homey/family feeling near our house and that way maybe we can both do pick-up/drop-off (because I do it most of the time now).

Finding a daycare was especially hard the first time around because we both don’t have roots here.  We aren’t from the area and don’t have family/friends here that we’ve known for years.  We have some college and work friends scattered around Boston Metro, but that’s about it.  So finding a daycare takes lots of ‘googling’ and shots in the dark…. like asking people we meet in the area.

Luckily, a shot in the dark last night while we were enjoying dinner and wine on the deck, I saw my neighbor (she’s super friendly) and walked over to chat.  I told her about our situation and after some thinking she made a call and gave me a number and name. Yay!  So I’m on a mission today to get ahold of them and see if they have an opening.

If you’ve never looked for childcare before, you don’t know that some places have LONG waiting lists (some are a year long!).  Which is why, I started looking at places WHILE I was pregnant.  So, finding a place in 2-1/2 weeks is pretty impossible!  Well, actually I know of plenty of ‘corporate’ places (chains like Kindercare and Bright Horizons), but they are SOOOO EXPENSIVE!  Plus I’d rather have Avery at a smaller more homey place than a ‘facility’.

I’ll keep you posted on the search… I have to go make some phone calls, send some emails, and exert all effort to find something today and maybe setup a meeting/tour with them tomorrow?!  Eek!  So stressed… because if I don’t find something, Avery has nowhere to go and I’m pretty sure I can’t hide him under my desk at work…


19 thoughts on “Curveball

  1. Oh My!! I totally feel for you as finding a daycare is difficult!! I wish you the best of luck!! I know you will find another great place for Avery….if not he can hang out in the Math Lab with us!! 🙂

  2. I’ve got a couple of friends in your area, so I’ll post on my FB asking for recommendations, if you like. Let me know what towns you want to focus your search on, and I’ll see what comes back to me. Hang in there! (Been there. NO FUN. But it worked out just fine for us, and I’m sure it will for you, too.)

    • Thanks… after a nice glass of wine last night to calm me down, I was ready to go this morning and have been shooting out emails and phone calls to everyone I know!

  3. Oh man, what a bummer! I’d be scrambling too because around here waiting lists can also be around a year long, some even longer! You might have a little bit more luck now that he’s getting older though. It seems to me (at least in my area) that the infant room is the most sought after and spaces become more readily available as they move out of that room. Good luck!

    I’m on my work computer and having difficulty with my Outlook email so I couldn’t email you, but feel free to shoot me an email if you have questions about part-time at chasingfulfillment(at)hotmail(dot)com! I’ll check that throughout the day.

  4. oh no! having just gone thru that with Luke, I totally understand your pain – even more so, because the daycare we were going to use, closed last week. . . thankfully we had a backup in place! crossing my fingers for you for a quick and productive search.

    • Oh man… I feel bad that other people had to go thru this too…it’s not fun! I am racing at work to get deadline met while popping out a few calls and emails here and there. So far I’ve found two places that have openings… so we’ll see how they stack up after I go in for a meeting…keep those fingers crossed!

  5. Oh no! That is such short notice when it comes to finding care for your little one. I will cross my fingers and pray that you find something in which you all feel comfortable.

  6. YIKES! How stressful! UGH! I hope you make some progress! We are STILL on a waiting list that i put my name on over a year ago when i was pregnant!! Its $88 cheaper a month and our friends daughter goes there so we really want them together! The problem is they have to hold spots for all the moms having second babies. Well apparenlty everyone is pregnant at the same time! every time i call she tells me 3 more months, 3 more months, etc. Last time i called in may she said maybe december! Awesome! Currently she is in Gateway academy which is a chain and expensive but unfortunately, we dont have many options in our area and dont know anyone well enough either for in home daycare

  7. O.M.G. I can’t believe it. I am so sorry to hear this news. Don’t worry. There’s a solution to every problem and I know you will figure it out. Please keep us updated and in the mean time I will be keeping you in my thoughts.

    • Thanks RAS. Good news… we found two potential places that at least have openings. We have one more to checkout this week before deciding which is best. Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts – it seems to have helped!

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