Avery’s new favorite toy… is his choo-choo train.

If you remember WAY back, he got this train for Christmas from Papa (His Great Grandpa)

The train is made by hand (with tools of coarse) but in my Papa’s workshop, by him.  No nails are used and it’s coated in a urethane that makes it safe for kiddos.  For a while it’s been sitting on Avery’s bureau.

Well, now he’s big enough to play with it… and man does he love it!



He’s still learning the concept of pushing it around – so mostly he just puts it in his mouth…


And he loves inspecting the wheels…


I told Vinay, maybe he’ll be a mechanic?! Vinay says… no… that doesn’t make enough money (he secrety aspires for Avery to be a pro athlete so we can retire early!).  So I thought, maybe he’ll work for Nascar’s Pit Crew!?  Grampy would love that…

And on the subject of Choo-Choo… Avery has a new food favorite…Bagels!

He’s got some need teeth popping thru!! So chewing on a bagel (we’ve since got him ones his size) helps his teethers.

What are your kiddos Choo-Chewing today?!

8 thoughts on “Choo-Chew

    • Thanks. He makes the trains as a hobby after retirement, sells them at craft fairs, and gives them as gifts. I think each of the boy grandkids have one. Oster likes bagels too? I’m not surprised. How many teeth does he have?

      • Avery has two bottom center teeth, completely in. He’s had those a month or so now. He’s cutting in one top center and one bottom to the side as of last weekend! So almost 4!

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