Sleeping Beauty

There is something so sweet and peaceful about a sleeping baby.  Gone are the hours of chasing after the little monster around the house making sure he doesn’t pull down this or fall down on that.  Gone is the struggling to get him to stay still JUST to change his diaper!  Gone are the attempted books at bedtime when he is squirmish and won’t stick still through even 3 or 4 pages because he knows a bottle is coming.  Gone are the multiple clothing changes before we even leave the door in the morning because A. Avery spit up, or B. An explosion downstairs didn’t stay downstairs.  Gone are the feeling of exhaustion after spending 2 hours in traffic and 8 hours at work to come home to cleaning bottles, taking out the trash, making dinner, doing laundry…

It’s similar to that feeling of relief at the end of the night, after lights are out and he’s FINALLY asleep and I’m gathering the scattered toys strewn across the hardwood floors… and I can finally sit down to eat and rest….but it feels even better than that, because in the morning, when my husband and I wake up to this…

…all those feelings of exhaustion, frustration, and stress from the day before are gone and all is peaceful.  We have a second to think.. this is ours.  We made this… look how beautiful and healthy he is.  Look how much he’s grown since we first met him.  He has your nose.  He has your ears…

And then we lay there wondering when he’s going to wake up… because we’re excited to play with him… and when he does wake up, with that big smile of his…  you know there’s no better start to the day.


20 thoughts on “Sleeping Beauty

  1. Such a great post. And so true! The sleepy look when I wake C up in the morning and then the big smile that follows is my favorite!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Amanda. It’s so funny that your little one does the same thing. I bet all babies do. It just amazes me how happy they are when they wake up and it just makes me melt and I forget all the tough stuff…

    • Hi Stacey. Good to hear from you! Avery’s lashes are so long! I think he gets them from my hubby. We’re lucky to have such a pretty little thing!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Fen! His eyelashes ARE so long! I think he gets them from both of us… we both have long lashes… and so happy he has them too because he looks sooo handsome 🙂

    • Thanks, Katie. Love your post about Luke’s first ride in the jumparoo! We have a jumper too but like you, we can only put it in a doorway and I freak about about him smashing into it… but maybe I’ll have to try your solution for that… 🙂

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