The 9-Month Check Up

Avery had his 9-month check-up this week.  Yup, he’s already 3/4 of a year old!!! Which means… yes, I’m already planning his 1st Birthday Party!  More details on that to come…

So, on Tuesday before the big holiday, we visited the doctor to get measured, poked, and prodded.  Avery was surprisingly excited…


Here are some stats on how he measured up…

Height: 29in. (74.13%) He grew 1-1/2 inches since his 6-month check-up.

Weight: 18lb 13.2oz (21.18%) He gained just over 2 pounds since his 6-month check-up.

Head Circumference: 45.5cm (55.2%) His ‘big head’ got even bigger, by 1-1/2 cm!

Like our doctor says, ‘What’s Avery up to these days?’

IMG_1857 IMG_1979

  • Eating.  Avery has 24-30oz of formula a day.  3 meals (fruit for breakfast, veggie at lunch, protein for dinner) and one snack, usually yogurt or applesauce in the afternoon.  He is also eating finger foods!  He loves chomping on crackers with his two teeth, and picking up ‘puffs’ or ‘crunchies’.  He loves all the foods he has tried… but doesn’t care for watermelon or anything chunky.  He can hold a sippy cup but doesn’t quite understand how to tip it up like a bottle just yet – he usually just chews on it like a toy.
  • Sleeping.  Avery STILL isn’t sleeping through the night.  Our sleep struggles are still ongoing.  When he starts sleeping through the night 2-3 nights in a row, something comes up like he catches a cold, or we travel and his schedule gets messed up and we have to work on building it up again.  Someday we’ll get it figured out!  But he does sleep enough hours in a day.  He will go down at 645PM, wake once at night and have a bottle for 20 minutes, then wake again at 530/6AM.  And he has 2-3 naps a day lasting 45 minutes to 2 hours.

IMG_1956 IMG_1927

  • Playing.  Right now, Avery loves being pushed around in his car (who wouldn’t love being chauffered around!?), playing in his baths, going to the park, banging on things, and loves being pushed around in a shopping cart or his stroller.

IMG_1865 IMG_1964

  • Mobility.  Avery is a crawler!  He moves around the house so quickly and is now pulling up on everything, even vertical walls.  I swear he’s half spider-man!  He even tries to pull away and stand alone when you hold his hands.
  • Safety. We’ve been building our baby-proofing tools… we have a gate to the only stairway in the house, and we just got some cool foam mats so Avery won’t bonk his head on the hardwood floors.  We’ll have to soon add cabinet locks because Avery now loves opening cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom!
  • Health.  In the past couple weeks Avery has had a cold or allergies, or a mix of both.  He has been in good spirits and eating well, so nothing major.  He did have a little diaper rash for a couple days too – nothing a little Desitin couldn’t fix!  We’re very fortunate to have such a happy and healthy little guy!

What should we expect next?  Do you think Avery will walk soon, or say his first word?  Will it be Ma-Ma or Da-Da?!!  Watching him grow and develop has been so exciting…


7 thoughts on “The 9-Month Check Up

  1. If you want to him to sleep through the night, try to stop the mid-night feedings. As I was told, they get up because they know they’ll get something yummy in their tummy. It does mean a couple of BAD restless nights for you until he gets trained over, but it’ll be worth it.

    In place of the milk, give him water if he insists on having something. After awhile, he’ll figure that waking up isn’t worthwhile. 🙂

    Good luck!

    I LOVE all the pics of Avery, especially the top one. So Adorable!

    • Thanks, Mychelle. Our doc gave the same suggestions. Good thing my Mom is in town all next week because we’ll be able to sleep and get Avery out of those nightly feedings!

      I love that picture too! He was so excited to be at the doctors…such a weirdo.

  2. He’s getting so big! And still so cute:) Sounds like he and Annabel are very close in size! She was right at 17 lbs at her 9 month check up and 27.75 in.
    We’re right there with you in needing to do more babyproofing. Annabel finally figured out how to open doors and cabinets, so now she wants into everything. Bummer! I was hoping it would take her a while longer to figure that out! Good luck with the sleeping!!

    • Wow, she seems right on target. We’re hoping Avery continues to be tall. How tall are you and hubby? I always wonder who’s genes Avery will get…hopefully not mine because I’m only 5’2…on a good day!

  3. Oh, he is just on target and healthy as can be. He’s such a cutie. Hmm, what to expect? So much to expect… that’s all I can say. Lili did say “da-da” before “ma-ma” BUT we don’t call my husband “da-da”. He’s known as “pa-pa”. LOL She does say it now too. The fun just gets better and better each and every day. Cherish those moments. ;o)

    • As always, thanks for your feedback! Avery says ‘da-da’ too but doesn’t associate it with anyone/thing yet. I’m pressing the ‘ma-ma’ but I don’t think it’s gonna happen…

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