Just Beachy!

To celebrate the 4th of July, we took a(nother) family trip to the beach!  You’re probably wondering why would we put Avery through that again after his reaction to the ocean on our first beach trip?!  Well, we’re at ‘If at first you don’t succeed‘ kinda family.  And good thing too, because this time, Avery loved it!

On the 4th, we woke up to a scary forecast… morning showers and scattered showers in the afternoon.  Boo!  That didn’t stop us though.  We spent the morning getting ready… Avery had a big (and messy!) lunch…

…and at noon when the clouds started to break, we hit the road!

We were off to a bumpy start… we needed to gas up – because we were going to Nantasket beach… a little further than the beach we visisted last time.  Then we used up all our cash to get cheaper gas and had to find an ATM to get cash, knowing parking will be crazy and we’d need to pay.  So after 20 minutes of running around, we were all set and started the journey to the beach.

Surprisingly, Avery stayed awake during the ride (unlike last trip where he slept the first 20 minutes at the beach) and was bright-eyed and bushy tailed to see the thousands already parked on beach towels… not surprising other people had the same idea today 🙂

We made a home for our tent, kindly asking to switch places with another group (We were in front of them and were going to setup our new beach tent and didn’t want to ruin their view, so we moved behind them).  They were super-nice and swapped with us.  And then we hit another hiccup (it’s never a fun family trip without hiccups!).  Our tent, which we JUST purchased at Costco last night, was broken.  Bummer.  No tent.  We wanted shade for Avery to chill out, but the sun wasn’t too hot and the water could cool him off, so we setup our big beach towel…


Avery didn’t seem to mind the sun.  But he still wasn’t too fond of the water…

So we tried a gradual approach…


Avery was better in this position, but when the water touched his toes he would still squeal and squirm!

Oh well… It was super cold, so the big waves might have been scary but I think the chilly water was what he didn’t care much for.

What he did like though, was the sand!  The first time he crawled off the towel, he inspected the sand…


And surprisingly, he didn’t eat it!  He played with it like he does with food on his highchair table… just checking it out and moving it around….

After a while, he was covered from head to toe…


Then it was time to hydrate before playing more…


And then he was off again!  He was crawling all over us…playing with toys (bath toys make great beach toys!)



And once he got comfortable with the sand, he was all over the place!

He’d crawl to the nice neighbors in front of us and try to play with their beach bag.  Then he’d crawl over to this family and just sit and smile at the lady.  It was too funny!

After a few hours at the beach, we called it a day.  We stopped and had some late lunch, then it was home for a shower – man, I couldn’t believe all the sand up this kids butt!  And off to bed at his normal time.  No fireworks this year.  They still went on without us though – We were in bed just after 9PM and they didn’t stop ‘Kabooming’ until almost 10PM.  Good thing I was going to play a little Words With Friends, because there was no way I was sleeping through them!  Luckily, Avery slept soundly…

How did you celebrate our country’s birthday?  Did you attend a BBQ with friends and family, or did you have an intimate family adventure?


2 thoughts on “Just Beachy!

  1. Adorable!

    Can you believe how long it takes just to get out the door? Even if you are all “packed and ready?” I’m looking at Avery having his messy breakfast. . .Mac was all dressed and we were almost ready to leave for our 4th adventures when he decided he was hungry again (Sometimes Daddy doesn’t feed the same as Mom – ha). So we had to strip him down to the diaper again, plop him in the high chair and give him roughly 3 tons of watermelon. . .then un-sticky a roughly 10 foot radius of the chair. . .You know. Ha!

    So glad you had a great time!

    • Haha, yes I know! LOVE that you said “Sometimes Daddy doesn’t feed the same as Mom – ha” because that picture was after DADDY fed him. Mommy is usually pretty good at keeping it in and around the mouth. But I think my hubby just loves how funny he looks when he gets messy and is purposely not careful when feeding him… haha

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