Dinner Please, Hold the Chunks

Since Avery is now crawling, he has graduated into a new stage of foods!  He’s moved on from the ‘sitter’ stage to the ‘crawler’ stage in Gerber Foods. (Yes, I’ve abandoned the homemade baby food.  A working mom can only do so much!)


We’re right on target with introducing foods too, because we’re tried all the ‘sitter’ stage foods – except strawberries.  We’re holding off on those, because they’re a common allergy.  But of the new ‘sitter’ foods, he loves broccoli, yogurt, and chicken.  He doesn’t care for pineapple or raspberries though.

Here’s a peak into Avery’s cabinet in the kitchen.

I know, I can be an organization freak sometimes!  But when it comes to Avery and his feedings and schedule, organizing stuff like this just makes life easier!  So, he has a fruit for breakfast, veggie at lunch, yogurt for snack, and meat for dinner.  We have another cabinet of the ‘new’ foods he hasn’t tried… we keep them in another cabinet so we don’t accidentally choose something he hasn’t tried yet.

So, when it was time to start the ‘crawler’ foods, I bought a couple varieties and tried them out.  Well, I really only had to try one to see that Avery DID NOT like them…

Doesn’t he look thrilled?! You see the food on the spoon… how it’s kinda…chunky?  Well the difference from the ‘supported sitter’ and ‘sitter’ stage wasn’t much change in consistency… but introduced proteins and other veggies & fruits.  But this new ‘crawler’ stage food has small ‘chunks’ of food.  And apparently, Avery doesn’t like chunks…

Because it was the same beef & veggies food that he had in the ‘sitter’ stage… but the consistancy left him looking very unsatisfied…to say the least…

NOT a happy eater! He did not like the chunks and just spit them out eventually.  Oh well…we will keep trying.  He’s still getting the hang of chewing with his two teeth… so maybe some more practice on puffs & cookies is needed before we move onto these big kid foods – those he does know how to pickup and eat with his hands!

Are your kiddos picky eaters?  What foods do they love and hate?  Avery’s favorite is yogurt and applesauce – he would eat them every meal, every day if we let him!

18 thoughts on “Dinner Please, Hold the Chunks

  1. OMG, Avery’s face is priceless. Awww… Lili was the same in the beginning. Now she eats everything, including stickers. HAHA. I caught her putting a sticker in her mouth and boy were we fighting it. I was afraid to put my finger in her mouth because she’s got them choppers. It finally came out on it’s own (and not through pooping).

  2. hahah this is funny! Mikayla is on three meals a day, stage 2 and some 3. I hate how stage 3 jars are all glass! Why can’t they be plastic and have two to a container?? i dont get it. She LOVES her puffs! she also has had baby cheetos, and watermelon. We tried some pasta but she wasnt getting the hang of that too well. The only finger food she is good at is the puffs and what exactly constitutes “finger foods”? lol We are still figuring that out!

    • I know!!! I hate the glass jars too! I love the plastic ones – I wash and save them! Avery loves puffs too! He had the cheese ones and just started the veggie ones. I tried them… not bad! Oh and pasta… haven’t tried that… was it too slimy for her to grab? Our doc just said table foods are OK to try now… so we’ll keep introducing new stuff since he’s so against the chunky 3rd foods. I guess anything they can pick up with their fingers is finger food… so anything that’s not mush in a spoon 🙂

      • Pasta didnt work so well….you’re right, too slimy for her to grab. She does good with puffs and thats about it! I think it might be a while until table foods that she can grab…maybe when she gets her top teeth

      • Yeah, we tried banana slices last night – a no-go. Too slimy for him to grab plus because it was so slimy he just like playing with them!

  3. I think my comment got lost again…just in case, here we go again

    Our pedi actually isn’t a fan of the stage 3 baby foods because it’s a mixture of purée and chunks. She thinks it can be confusing leading to more choking/gagging than they’re worth.

    If Avery is ready for stage 3 then just save yourself some money and start him on table food. Feed him whatever you guys are having for dinner. Just invest in a good pair of scissors (one that you can take with you on the go would be a plus) and cut his portion into the appropriate size for him. Also, blueberries and bananas are great introduction into whole foods.

    Alyson, my great foodie in the making, jumped into “stage 3” food early on since her molars came in and since then I haven’t bothered with purée food. I’ll have to mince meat for her though. Sure simplifies mealtime when I don’t have to make three different meals each time.

    Good luck!

    • Thanks for the awesome tips, Mychelle! Our pedi just told us to start the table foods. I’ll grab some bananas and blueberries at the store this week! Any other finger foods you suggest to try before I hit the market?

      • You can do baby carrots and cook them until they’re soft. Depending on his ability to bite, you might have to cut it until small bite size pieces. All these bites sizes are also great for him to work on his pincer grasp and opening that space between the thumb and index fingers.

        My kids are crazy about Baby Num Nums. They’re organic, gluten-free, egg-free, and peanut-free rice crackers. Alyson learned to bite off food from eating those.

        Cheese are also a great hit with my kids. I usually get Cabot cheddar and slice them into small chunks for Alyson to pick up.

        Those foods should keep Avery busy for a bit. 🙂

      • Oh yeah red lentils, orzo, and little pasta stars are also great stage 3 food for you to make for mealtime. You can easily cook them as soft as Avery likes them and you don’t have to cut them up. Add in minced meat, some veggies, and/or an egg and you practically have a balanced meal. Let me know if you need more suggestions 🙂

      • Great tips! I’ll try those and let you know how it goes and probe you for more suggestions later 🙂

  4. Try again in a bit but if he’s averse to chunky food then wait till he gets some teeth aka more weapons of mass destruction 🙂 All babies reach their milestones at their own pace. But try to give Avery some boiled chicken with very lil salt and puree it and see how he likes it. Beef is chewy and a bit more rubbery and not all tiny tummies handle the digestion of red meat all that well. Since there’ll be more fibrous stuff in meat, it’ll mean more work for him to chew. These kids sometimes get a bit lazy about their food.

    Best of luck, he’ll be going gobble-gobble in no time!

  5. Ha, poor Avery! He’ll get there in no time. If it were me, I’d just keep trying but very slowly, maybe a bite here and there while you’re still giving him the stuff he likes. One thing that I’ve liked about making all of my own stuff is that I’ve been able to gradually increase the chunkiness and Annabel never had anything completely pureed because I just couldn’t get it that smooth without turning it to juice! So she’s used to chunky food and recently she’s really been learning how to chew which has been fun to watch! 🙂

    Now we’re just working on getting her to take a bite of things and actually bite INTO it (soft fruits and veggies), but we have to be so careful with that because she’ll frequently bite off more than she can chew (literally!) and that makes me nervous! She’s just started eating cheerios and raisins and those really help her learn to chew and feed herself, which she’s been a little bit slow to do.
    I guess I should have given her some “finger foods” earlier so that she would learn to do that. Oops!

    • Oh yeah, gotta try the cheerios! Avery’s had a few scary moments when I gave him a cracker (one of the gerber baby ones) and I turn around and it’s gone – because he stuck the whole thing in his mouth! I quickly fished it out. I think he learned his lesson and hasn’t done it sense!

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