Are Fireworks for Babies?

4th of July is next week, and because it’s on a Wednesday, most celebrations are happening this weekend.  It’s Avery’s first 4th of July and we’ve been going back and forth about how to celebrate.  We’d love to take Avery to see fireworks.  They’re loud and bright… he loves sounds and colors so we think he’d love them.  But, are fireworks appropriate for babies?

When we were dating, we (along with the masses of people) watched Boston’s Fireworks along the Charles River.  They’re always a huge display, Boston Pops plays in the park, everyone has glow sticks and it’s a zoo getting to and from.  But now that we’re a family of three and living in the burbs – not really, but we’re out of the city now – we’re checking out the local activities.

Our town has a full day of activities for the holiday:  a carnival, parade, performances, and fireworks.  Sounds like a great time to us!  But what about the fireworks?  Here are the two issues I have with fireworks for a 9 month old (yes, he’s 9 months, today!):

1. Fireworks are LOUD! Should we invest in some ear muffs to muffle the sound?  I’ve seen them used at races and airshows like this little guy:

Without ear will it damage his ears?  Avery loves anything that makes noise, which makes us think he’ll love them… but will they be too loud for a baby? (image source)

2. Fireworks start at 10PM. Avery’s bedtime is 7PM.

Do we really want to shift his schedule around, risking messing it up for the next day or two, especially while we’re trying to get him to sleep thru the night?  We could have him nap for a bit and wake up for the fireworks… but then I bet it’ll be rough getting him back to sleep… especially if he’s over-tired at this point…

Help a Momma out!  What do you think?  Any experiences you can share with us to help us decide?   Any tips and tricks to make this a fun family experience?!


16 thoughts on “Are Fireworks for Babies?

  1. I was just thinking that this year will be our first year not seeing fireworks too, and I LOVE fireworks. We share point number 2: bedtime at 7/7:30 vrs fireworks at 9. Personally, I don’t think it’s worth it to for us to wake her up to go watch the fireworks (not to mention it’ll be busy and crowded with people depending on where you go) and then try to get her to sleep again later. There are many more years of fireworks in the future… 🙂

  2. As you can imagine, we’re struggling with the same dilemma, but we’ve decided to skip the fireworks this year. We’re planning to be out grilling by the pool and enjoying the sunshine all day, so I just think it would be way too much to try to see fireworks too after a long day outside. And since we both have to work the next morning, I don’t want to risk throwing off her bedtime and messing up her schedule. That and I’m not at all convinced that Annabel would love them- I think they might scare her! 🙂

  3. I probably wouldn’t risk it but then my little girl is not a good sleeper and it would take weeks to get back on track. She also doesn’t care for loud noises and huge crowds. So for us it is an easy decision.
    If you are unsure, maybe you should skip it this year and enjoy the activities during the day, which sound like a lot of fun. And then you and your husband can have a nice relaxing evening.

  4. We skipped fireworks for the first two years for all the reasons you said. But this year we’re watching fireworks, with a caveat. Normally we would go to our local high school and veg out on their lawn on a blanket where at 9pm, the fireworks explode literally right above us—the coolest thing ever, I swear. But there’s still the drive, and the long wait to go home, and before you know it, it’s going to be 11.

    Instead, we’re watching fireworks from home. We’re lucky—we can see those amazing fireworks from our patio. So what we plan to do is put LO down for a late nap, like 3 or something, bathe him right before, and have him stay up til 9pm. The fireworks last for half an hour, then it’s straight to bed. My husband’s off the next day, so hopefully LO will sleep in. He won’t hear the explosive sounds, but the fireworks are pretty huge so he’ll be able to see them.

    It’s a bit of a compromise, and who knows maybe next year he’ll be able to go to the high school and see the real deal.

    Let me know what you decide!

  5. I went with Hannah when she was young, however she slept through them!! As for the noise, we sat pretty far away so it wasn’t as loud as right in the waterfront. I personally would wait until next year… mostly due to disrupted schedule. If Hannah hadn’t had older siblings, I probably would have skipped her first fireworks too.

  6. Ah that is a tough one! We are debating about the same thing! I think we are going to skip out for two reasons 1. Not worth driving through traffic, trying to find parking, having her up past her bedtime to risk the chance that it might scare the crap out of her. 2. I worry about the sound too and if it would do any damage. I think its whatever you guys feel comfortable with. Go with your gut 🙂 Let me know what you decide!

  7. What does anyone do about all the neighborhood “fools” who love to set off bottle rockets and other harmless but LOUD fireworks half the night? Or does this only happen in my silly neighborhood? I’m bracing myself for a LONG night tomorrow night. Happy 4th to all. 🙂

    • Tomorrow night? They’ve been going off every night in our neighborhood since Saturday night! So annoying when you’re sitting at the dining room table putting in some overtime, and your baby is sleeping… and stressing that he’ll wake up to all the ‘bombing’!!

      • It’s crazy right? I never really thought about it before Mac. I actually appreciated their drunken patriotism! I heard some here Saturday night but I think Sunday night the weather held them back. . .And last night we were all too tired to notice. I’m going to have to double up on the white noise. Good luck to you guys too!

      • Gah! Our A/C isn’t loud enough! I’m running the dishwasher, dryer, and fans currently. It sounds as if the Bombardment of Ft. McHenry circa 1812 is happening on our roof. I suppose the justice in this is when the kid gets up at 5:15AM tomorrow, I’ll just have him run up and down the street screaming in pure joy. Wait? Is that passive/aggressive and/or wrong?!

      • Haha. Wish I had read this last night so I could have added the washer, dryer, and dishwasher to the white noise because our A/C just didn’t cut it. I was in bed at 9:05PM… but the booms of fireworks (which sounded like they were coming from the neighbors backyard because they were so loud!) didn’t end until almost 10. Ugh!

      • It seemed a little quieter here than usual. Perhaps because there’s been a baby boom on this block and the rowdier residents (myself included) were all hiding from the heat and noise? Ha. We decided to take Mac to the grocery store at 7:30. Then when we got back, I actually put him in his sleepy wrap and held him until he was asleep (fireworks started here at 9:30). I made sure he was to a completely limp snoring state and didn’t take him out until the main stuff ended about 10. Of course the neighborhood was still a little loud but it worked. He slept until morning. Whew. Now I can start obsessing about next year. . .when he’ll surely want to see everything! 🙂

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