Beach Baby

Over the weekend, we took advantage of the warm & sunny summer weather, and took a family trip to the beach!


It was Avery’s first trip to the beach.  I packed a big beach towel, some toys, the usual baby bag of bottles and emergeny stuff, got Avery all dressed in his swimming gear, and headed off to the beach (only a 15 minute drive from home)!

We were so excited for Avery’s very first trip to the beach!!!  The whole ride there we were chatting about how he’s going to love the water because he loved swimming in a pool. And before we knew it, Avery was passed out in the back seat.  Not uncommon, as he likes the motion of the car and typically sleeps on car rides.  But when we finally found a parking spot (after some girls stole a spot I was pulling into!  Vinay had a few words with them.  Seriously… you’re in your 20s and can walk from a further parking spot while we have a baby and getting to our car faster than you is a little more important for us.  Sorry to digress but they were very rude and snuck in behind me when I was about to pull into the spot. Hmpf!)

… so when we finally found a parking spot, and lugged all our gear out, dear Avery was STILL passed out!  Even after finding a nice sandy place amongst the other beach-goers, he was STILL snoozin’!  I was worried he was going to miss the whole thing!!!  We had only planned to stay a short while because we didn’t want Avery to be in the heat too long. I covered him in a light towel for the time being… then after about 20 minutes, he woke up.  He looked around curiously and before he knew it, Daddy swept him up and took him to the ocean.

We let him look at the waves crashing in (they were small, but still, they were waves) and take it all in before giving him a dip…

Then it was time to test the waters… (which weren’t warm or cold really.. it was just right)

And oh man did Avery throw a fit!!! He cried and grasped onto Vinay’s shoulders… he did not like it.. and was NOT happy.

So we thought maybe he just needed to try it again… give it another shot…

NOPE!  Avery started crying again.  And so ended our dip into the ocean.  We headed back to our beach towel for some relaxing in the sun…

Avery enjoyed this much much more…

After about an hour in the sun, we packed up and made a stop at the Clam Shack across the street for some shrimp cocktail, for Vinay, and some ice cream for Avery and I.

Although our beach trip didn’t meet our expectations, it just gives us reason to keep going back so Avery can give the ocean another shot… and Avery must have really enjoyed our outing and was tuckered out because that night… he slept thru the night!!!  I think we’ll be making many more beach trips if it results in a night of uninterrupted sleep!!!

What are your favorite beach activities?  Do you swim in the water, build a castle, or play sports in the sand?  Vinay and used to walk around a nearby beach when we were dating… just walking and talking and enjoying the weather and breeze is really relaxing.  I’m looking forward to sand castles with Avery… 🙂




9 thoughts on “Beach Baby

    • Yes, I love the sunny and warm weather but it’s just been so hot!!! I try not to have Avery out for very long… can’t wait to see M’s reaction to the beach!

  1. We are headed to the beach in a few weeks. We are going with extended family (against my better judgment – ha). They rented a house so we have a toddler in a non baby-proofed environment, coupled with a pool and the ocean in close proximity. I’m envisioning sheer chaos and plenty of terrifying baby-hazards. (There will be multiple children of all ages, etc). Anyone encounter this situation before? Any best ideas or tips?

    • Hi. When we went to Cali to visit family, we were in a totally non-baby proof environment. It helped that the whole family was thrilled to see him and thus he was never out of eyeshot for someone. I suggest bringing a pack and play and maybe a leash? haha Joking!

      • The pack and play is definitely coming. I was also thinking about a wet suit, helmet, and life jacket plus 7 gallons of SPF. I almost forgot the leash!!! Thanks for the reminder! Ha!

      • I sooooo wondered if I should make it an “even” number?! Prob should just round up to 10 – 2 x 5 gallon buckets.

      • So true! I should probably pack a putty knife to ensure even coverage! (For my own pastey self too!)

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