Footprints And Flowers

For Father’s Day, we spent a weekend in the Berkshires.  We had a blast, and the weekend itself was a kinda father’s day gift, but being Vinay’s first father’s day, Avery insisted on making him a gift…

A card & picture framed with foot & hand prints – all made possible with the help of Auntie Sarah & Grammy… yes, we needed 6 hands to get these prints to look at least human… which is very hard with a squirming 8 month old!

Vinay loved the gifts.. and said he really enjoyed the relaxed and activity filled weekend.  So much, that on Monday night he came home with these…

A bouquet of red carnations… so pretty!  And a week later, they are still fresh and sitting in the dining room next to our pictures.

Does your hubby/wife give you flowers?  What are your favorite?  I don’t like Vinay wasting money on flowers that will die, so he rarely gets me flowers… but when he does it’s a sweet treat and they’re a nice addition a room for a week or two.


2 thoughts on “Footprints And Flowers

  1. Aww! Aww to the footprints AND the flowers! My hubby rarely gets me flowers!! I wish it was more often! Its usually an occasion like anniversary, birthday. He refuses to buy flowers on Valentines Day! I tell him all the time that i am cliche and LOVE flowers on V-day! haha I am and always will be obsessed with roses 🙂

    • Awe – you should not say anything about flowers, and then he’ll get them. I find that if I ‘nag’ my hubby about something, it never gets done. If I don’t say anything, he’ll surprise me and get it done 🙂 (kinda reverse physiology?)

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