Yoda Inside

Last year, while walking thru a parking lot outside a store, I saw a truck with this sticker that I LOVED.  I took a picture and texted it to Vinay.  One year later, he surprised me with the sticker!

Just a little backstory on this – Before Avery was born, Vinay kept calling all babies ‘yodas’ or ‘ewoks’… because he said they looked like the characters from Star Wars.  So this was a perfect suplement for the ‘baby on board’ sticker…

Does your car sport bumper stickers?  Do you have those cute family figurines on your back windshield, or do you have a sticker from the college you attended?  This is my first sticker for our new ‘family car’ and we love it!  It makes it feel like a ‘mom car’ haha!


6 thoughts on “Yoda Inside

  1. We have zero stickers on our cars haha. I think those family ones are cute so long as they don’t have the names of the kids on them, because then that could be kind of scary! I tried to convince my husband to get a baby on board sign but alas I was turned down!

    I think it’s cute that your husband surprised you with it 🙂

    • You’ve seen them with names?!? That is NOT ok. That’s scary! I’ll stick with my yoda inside sticker for now. I don’t want too many filling up my windshield…one is enough for now 🙂

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