Father’s Day Weekend

For Father’s day, we spent a fun-filled family weekend getaway in the Berkshires at to celebrate with Grampy & Vinay.  It took us about 3 hours to get there from Boston, and Grampy, Grammy, & Aunty Sarah took about 4 hours from northern VT.

Avery was a good napper on the ride, so we let him stay awake to see Grammy & Grampy when they arrived.  Here’s Avery making himself at home in the living room at the resort, waiting for Grammy & Grampy & Aunt Sarah…

Avery was very excited to see them!

After some reuniting smiles and playtime, we all got some rest for a big day on Saturday.  Sarah caught a pretty sunset off our balcony…

Saturday was filled with lots of activities… first was Tennis!

Avery played on a blanket while he watched us (attempt) to play a doubles game.

Avery and Grammy caught bubbles (and tennis balls that we hit over the fence-whoops!).  Dare I share that my Dad almost hit a girl in the adjoining pool with a ‘fly ball’ ?  Whoops!  Avery obviously found his shoe more entertaining than our tennis skills….

And of coarse we had to let Avery get a shot at the action… he could be a tennis pro some day you know… And by the expression on his face… he was pretty excited to hold a racket (which he proceeded to strum like a guitar… so maybe he’ll be a rock star?)

On our way back from Tennis, Avery did some swinging down the hall…

And some wandering around in the resort room…

After a few hours in the sun, we needed to cool off… so for the first time, we took Avery swimming!!!

Avery loves bath time, so we knew he would like water… but we didn’t expect him to love it this much!!!

He was splashing and didn’t mind getting wet…

And the pool was awesome… it was indoor/outdoor… but we stayed inside most of the time because there was a breeze outside.. but it was a pretty cool setup!

After a while, Avery’s toes got very pruney, so it was time to dry off and head off to the next activity!

What was next on the list?!  The Alpine Slide!  For those of you that aren’t familiar, an alpine slide is like a toboggan run with sleds – but with used in the summer down a ski hill that looks like this:

Sarah & I had been on one in Stowe, VT when we were little, but Vinay had never even seen one before.  So of coarse we let Grampy & Vinay race first (since there are two slides, you can leave the top at the same time and see who wins).  We watched them hop on the chair lift and we waited for them to come down.

It was a big mountain, so we had a long wait.  We made good use of our time… We all (including Avery!) shared an ice cream cone.

So… who won the race???

That’s Grampy coming in on the left slide… and a little while later, Vinay came down on the right slide.  Grampy won!  Sarah and I went next and of coarse I won 🙂  While we were enjoying the long chair lift up, Grampy & Vinay tried the rollercoaster.  We didn’t get pictures, but this is what it looks like:


After all that excitement, the boys went to the driving range and us girls (& Avery) joined a group playing BINGO!  We have a history with this game…. growing up we did a lot of camping in the summer and an activity common at campgrounds is Candy Bar Bingo.  So, instead of buying a card with money, you paid in candy bars.  Then if you won, you’d win a bag of a bunch of candy bars.  Well, they just had regular BINGO, and it was still fun.

On our way back to the room, Avery got some crawling practice in down the long resort hallways…

Then, it was off to a Father’s Day dinner with some yummy food and fun family time.  Avery enjoyed some celery, lime & lemon slices, oh and his normal baby food.

Then, as if that wasn’t enough sports and activities for the day, the boys played a few games of pool while the girls got Avery settled in for the night and picked a movie.  Grammy & I didn’t last long before falling asleep… such a long day!

Sunday we checked out and went to nearby Pittsfield, had lunch, and Grammy bought Avery some new toys!

Here’s Avery on our ride home enjoying his new toy…

And that concludes this LONG post our father’s day weekend!

How did you spend Father’s Day?  Who were you celebrating?  Was there any gifting?  Avery made Vinay a card & picture (I’ll share soon) and I got him a fishing pole!


6 thoughts on “Father’s Day Weekend

  1. What a stud! He is just too cute. It looks like Father’s Day was a huge success. I can’t wait to see the videos of Avery crawling. So much fun!!!! I still need to post some videos. It’s a coming…

  2. Looks like an awesome weekend! Where is the Berkshires? I’m not too familiar with the Northeast! It’s crazy here in Texas you can drive 3 hours in any direction and still be in Texas! Glad you guys had fun and that Vinay had a good Father’s Day!

    • haha. The Berkshires are western Mass. Almost into NY. We stayed at the Wyndham at Jiminy Peak. Very remote… nothing to do but spend time with who you’re with and outdoor activities. A perfect getaway for us city folk!

      I’ve never been to Texas, but I hear it’s big!

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