Californi(va)cation – Days 2 & 3

Here’s a recap of days 2 & 3 on our vacation in California… (See Day 1 here)

Day 2: Meet the Great Grandparents & Lunch Date

Avery woke early the first morning(around 5am West Coast time), and his Great Aunt Lavenya snatched him away so I could catch another hour of sleep!  The morning was full of smiling faces, excited to hold and play with Avery.  They were thrilled to see him sitting up and doing his army crawl.

After breakfast and a nap, we packed up to see Vinay’s Grandparents (45 minutes away).  Vinay’s Aunt and Mom were also there, so when we arrived, Avery was swept away as soon as we walked in the door.  He was showered with hugs and kisses and then next couple hours he played on the floor while everyone just watched him…

Since Avery was occupied, we left for a mini date – lunch at In-N-Out Burger.  Yes, we’re classy like that.  No, but really it was a treat.  We don’t have these on the east coast.  We had some yummy burgers and fries and some relax time together.

We ended the day back at Vinay’s Aunt & Uncle’s.  They had a highchair and pack and play which makes sleeping & eating much more familiar to Avery.  We didn’t bring them with us to the grandparents – a big mistake – so we packed those up each trip the rest of the vacation.

Day 3: Family & Friends

Saturday of our day started the same, but since it was a weekend, a bunch of family and friends gathered at the grandparents house for some yummy Indian food and to see Avery.  Oh and Avery got tons of presents too – Thanks everyone! We took some nice group pictures too (I’ll have to ask for copies of those…)

Then, we were off to dinner to meet two of my friends from high school that I hadn’t seen for EIGHT years! (Side note:  I was best friends in middle school with R.  When we ‘graduated’ from 8th grade, we went to different high schools.  At my new high school I made a new best friend, N.  In junior year, R switched schools and joined us.  So I introduced R & N.  They fell in love and moved to Cali together after high school.  Explains why we’ve been so outta touch for that long)

We had a great time catching up and they met Avery and Vinay for the first time.  So nice to see old friends.  And we learned they are buying a house!  Yay for them!  Too bad we can’t see them unless we are in Cali… so we made plans to meet up with them next trip 🙂

Days 4,5,& 6 coming tomorrow…

Day 4: A Trip to the Zoo!

Day 5: Grandparents & Movie Date

Day 6: Grandparents, Lunch Date, & Travel Night


4 thoughts on “Californi(va)cation – Days 2 & 3

  1. I’m glad you saw R & N! I heard from R’s mother that they were buying a house.. I wonder if it is the same one she showed me online. R’s Mother and I worked together a few nights and we talked a lot about the “old” days… growing up! Sounds like you had a great trip and Avery was spoiled 🙂

    • Yes, he was spoiled! So much that when we got home he cried unless he was held. I had to break him of that quickly! I haven’t heard from R & N… wonder if they got the house!?

  2. So far it sounds like a great trip! I love that sling you have in the first vacation post. I definitely need one of those! I’m sure it was especially nice while you were traveling and it sounds like Avery did so great on the plane! I shudder to think what 6 hours on a plane with Annabel would be like! 🙂 She would NOT want to sit still for even a second.

    • It’s a Maya Wrap. It was $70 and well worth it. You can ‘wear’ your baby many different ways and use it up until they are around 2 years old. It was awesome for the flight because he was in a comfy sleeping position and I didn’t have to strain my arms holding him! Are you planning on any trips with Annabel? She seems just (if not more) active and mobile as Avery is so I’m sure a plane ride would be interesting with her!

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