Californi(va)cation – Day 1

Well, you’ll be happy to know, we’re back and survived two 6 hour plane rides with an 8 month old.  Yay!  Here’s a little recap of our trip to California…

Day 1: Travel Day

We spent the morning packing and did a last minute run to the store.  We loaded the car and headed off.  We parked at Vinay’s office garage in South Boston and took the Silverline T (Boston’s Metro system of trains & buses) to Logan airport.  Avery was snug in my new Maya wrap so my hands could be free to hold the baby bag while Vinay lugged the two suitcases.  Avery had never been on a bus before, and was very intrigued with the ride!

We got to the airport with plenty of time.  Checked our two bags (free! Thanks Jet Blue) and that left us with only two small carry ons – a baby bag and a backpack.  We have lots of extra time, so we sat down for lunch at Legal Seafoods.  Avery was very squirmy, but he settled down when he enjoyed some yummy bread rolls…

So, after our lunch break, we sped thru security (there was no line!), had a quick diaper change for Avery, and we boarded the plane!  I had read up before the flight and heard that most airlines don’t allow families with little ones to board first, and it was true!  All the first class people (for Jet Blue it’s ones that paid for more leg room) boarded first, then families were allowed.

We booked an aisle (for me & Avery) and middle seat (for Vinay).  And a nice man sat in the window seat.  But since we boarded early, it took a while before everyone was seated and ready to go… so this meant containing Avery on my lap – which by all means, is NOT easy!  Avery was standing up, grabbing the video screen, seat in front of us, the armrest controls, etc.

The plan was for Avery to eat the bottle on takeoff around 5pm (his dinnertime) and have him awake until 7 and give him some Benadryl with his ‘nighttime’ bottle and 7 and hope he sleeps until we land.  That didn’t happen.  We tried to hold him off until take off, but he got fussy and we had to give him his bottle a little early.  Luckily, he fell right asleep and sucked on a pacifier during takeoff.


After take off, we realized none of the (free) TVs worked in our row (bummer!) and the seat the man at the window wasn’t reclining.  So, here is where I give props to Jet Blue customer service – the flight attendant moved the man to an open seat with a working tv and reclining seat…and we were given his free seat!  We originally didn’t splurge on an extra seat for Avery, since he could be a lap infant.  It would have been like $600… and we were willing to work with him in our laps for saving that money.  But with our luck, we ended up with an open seat between us for Avery.

So, 2 hours into the flight – Vinay had done some reading (he’s into the Hunger Games) and we got some drinks and snacks (All free.  Yay Jet Blue!) and I was watching a crocodile catching show on the History Channel since I couldn’t turn the channel (not by choice… but I did learn some interesting crocodile hunting techniques that’ll come in handy some day?)…and at this point, Avery woke up.  He had a bottle and was WIDE awake.

The next three hours are a blur of walking Avery up and down the aisle, stopping and talking to other babies, playing with toys on the seat, making 2 diaper changes, and looking out the window…


About an hour outside of San Jose Airport, Avery got very fussy.  It was tough to calm him, but he eventually had a bottle and passed out the last 40 minutes of the flight. And he didn’t have any issues with the pressure on landing.

We landed at 9PM (West Coast Time.  12PM East Coast Time) grabbed our luggage and our rental car (Avery woke back up with all the excitement) and headed to Vinay’s Aunt’s house, 20 minutes away.  When we arrived, they had a pack & play setup for Avery and although they were itching to see the little guy, we put him to bed.  After some food, we also hit the hay.

It was a long day of travel, but Avery’s first flight went pretty smooth.  Was it what I expected – yes.  Avery is always moving and gets bored easily, so I knew he would be all over the place.  We are very lucky he slept almost half the flight though!

More to come…Days 2-6 coming soon…

Day 2: Meet the Great Grandparents & Lunch Date

Day 3: Family & Friends

Day 4: A Trip to the Zoo!

Day 5: Grandparents & Movie Date

Day 6: Grandparents, Lunch Date, & Travel Night

4 thoughts on “Californi(va)cation – Day 1

  1. Glad to hear the flight went well. Next week Andrew and I are headed to Buffalo to see family and for a wedding. That will be our first flight with our little man. Luckily it is only about an hour flight, so I am hoping we will have no issues whatsoever. I hope Noah does not prove me wrong!

    • Wow, already?!?! Good luck! I bet it’ll be fine. When they are that little, they sleep a lot. I’m sure you’re family is so excited to meet him! Have a fun trip!

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