TWO Pearly Whites

We’re back from our vacation in California!  Pictures and details about our trip coming soon!

Right before we left, we got a great shot of Avery’s two first teeth…

It took like 10 tries to get this shot – teething babies do not like their mouths touched!  So, when we got a shot that wasn’t blurry, we left it at that – so he may look like a bug, but he kinda looks cute too 🙂

Avery’s teeth are old news by now because while we were in California, Avery learned a few new tricks… you’ll see soon!  Can you guess what they are?…

When did you little one(s) get teeth?  What helped calm them from the pain best?  We love teething rings, popsicles, and when it gets rough, Advil.


9 thoughts on “TWO Pearly Whites

  1. My first one got sick every. single. time. she cut a tooth. The second one? We never knew. One day we looked up and she had a whole mouth full. (And they’re STILL total opposites:-)

    • Wow! I hear thats how most siblings are – complete opposites! Avery’s first teeth bothered him and he’s chomping on everything again…we wonder if more are coming soon….?!

  2. Haha, we’ve had the same difficulty photographing Annabel’s teeth! Forget about the top ones! She got the two on the bottom and then got FOUR on the top, all at once! Now I think she’s getting more, but I’m not sure. Watch out for your shoulders…Annabel has started to bite mine sometimes when I’m holding her. I guess because her gums hurt and my should is just right there, waiting to be chewed on apparently:)
    I bet Avery learned to crawl or clap!

    • Four on the top at once!? Ouch! Avery has bitten my leg already and it hurts but I can’t imagine how much worse it’ll be when he gets the top ones in!

  3. How CUTE! Look at them pearly whites!!! Lili has been so incredibly fussy the last month –she’s waking up far too much at night and we’re thinking it’s because she’s teething. Lots of drool. We’ve changed her name from Liliana to Drooliana. LOL But yeah, I can feel them surfacing on her upper gums. I tried to get a feel the other day and boy, she BIT me. HARD!!! Oy. I don’t think I’ll be checking again any time soon. HAHA

    • Hahaha… just wait until she starts using your shoulder, arms, and legs as a teething toy! And again, Avery and Lili must be on the same schedule because he’s been having a rough time sleeping too! I think it’s mostly because he is more mobile and moves around in his crib and won’t stay still to sleep. Do you give Lili any meds to help with the pain? As a last resort we’ve given Avery Advil or Tylenol to help at night, but not very often.

  4. 自毛植毛は、薄毛の人には、根本的な見た目の変化が期待できるので注目されています。ただ技術のあるドクターに手術を受けないと考えているような効果は期待できません。育毛剤に比べて、合計のコストも安くなるので経済的に優しい薄毛改善と言えます。

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