Car Seat Upgrade

We almost forgot to share this milestone!  Earlier this month, we decided it was time to retire Avery’s car seat and upgrade to a big boy car seat.  Avery was quickly approaching the 30″ height limit for his ‘stage 1’ infant car seat.  So, we went shopping for a new ‘stage 2’ car seat.

Here’s Avery’s old & new car seats side by side – awaiting the switcharoo-

What a difference in size!  Avery’s new car seat has side impact cushions and a cup holder! He can be in this car seat until he’s 100lbs!  For now, he’s still little, so it’s in a ‘rear facing’ position in the backseat, but when he gets older, we can switch it.

Here’s the little man enjoying his upgraded seat!

Does Avery like his new car seat?  It’s hard to say, because he hates being confined or restricted, so he cries and squirms whenever you try to put him in any seat… in the car or stroller.  But once he’s in, he’s content.  The only problem I have is that although I have it set to the most reclined position, when he falls asleep, his head tips over forward, which isn’t good for his neck.  Can’t figure out how to resolve that issue… any ideas?


7 thoughts on “Car Seat Upgrade

  1. 植毛手術は、ハゲの人には、根本的な見た目の変化が期待できるので大人気です。ただ優秀な施術者に手術を受けないと考えているような効果は期待できません。カツラに比べて、トータルの費用も安くなるので経済的に優しい薄毛改善と言えます。

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