Flowers & Flags

Happy Memorial Day!

Today we celebrate and remember the fallen men and women in the armed forces that have died protecting our country.  We are fortunate to not have lost anyone, so instead we’d like to extend our love and gratitude to two friends currently serving our country.  Marcus Conover & Jonathan Moll.

Marcus is stationed in Germany and flies Apache helicopters.  He’s currently deployed and his company of ‘Misfits’ is in Kuwait, at Udairi Army Airfield. We miss you Marcus and wish you a safe trip home!




Jonathan (My sister’s boyfriend) is stationed at Fort Benning in Georgia.  He’s currently enduring 3 months of Ranger School, in which he can’t communicate with anyone ‘outside’ (My sister is going crazy missing him!).  We’re thinking about you and know you’re doing a great job!





So, in the holiday spirit, this weekend we made a red, white, and blue flowerbed out of a yucky old stump in our backyard… and my mom added some nice flags.

How are you celebrating Memorial Day?  Did you take advantage of the 3-day weekend?  We did, and we’ll share our big weekend project soon…


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