FIT in 40: Before & After

After 40 days of self-discipline; eating right & squeezing in exercise – I was ready for my post-baby bikini debut on our trip to Costa Rica.  (Take a look back at our maternity shoot – when my belly was huge!) My goal was to be bikini confident on our tropical vacation.  Here’s a fun before & after:


I felt great in my new bikini and I’m super-proud of myself and all the hard work it took to get to this!  Yay!

Pictures & Details from our vacation coming TOMORROW!

Are you ready for bathing suit weather?  What do you do to get in shape for the summer?  

20 thoughts on “FIT in 40: Before & After

  1. Awesome job! Not that you didn’t look great before although your confidence is what really stands out now…That’s the important part IMHO 🙂

    • Thanks – I’m thinking of doing a 5k with my Mom and Sis this summer… that’ll be the next fitness goal. I think I’ll try it with Avery in the jogging stroller too if they let me!

      • You definitely should. I think most small, local races allow strollers, but obviously I am not an expert! haha.

  2. 自毛植毛は、薄毛の人には、根本的な見た目の変化が期待できるので注目されています。ただ技術のある施術者に手術を依頼しないと考えているような成果は期待できません。育毛剤に比べて、合計の費用も安くなるのでお得な薄毛改善と言えます。

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