Afternoon at the Park

Our weekends are typically filled with all the ‘fun stuff’ we don’t get to during the week – the laundry, grocery shopping, dishes and cleaning.  With both of us working, we don’t have much time on a weeknight to do those housekeeping items, or spend much time with our little man.  However, on the weekends, we balance the two quite well.

This weekend we went shopping for some goodies for Avery – clothes, food, wipes, bath wash.  We went grocery shopping to fill the cupboards, washed and folded all the laundry, the kitchen sink was cleared of dishes, and after all that ‘fun stuff’ was done, we spent the afternoon at the park.

We live just a couple houses away from a park on our street, so we set off with the baby bag and a blanket and made camp under a shaded tree.

As we know from Avery’s stay-cation in Vermont, he loves playing with the grass.  He and Daddy had fun rolling around on the blanket, Avery met two dogs, and he tried the swing for the first time…

Avery just hung there, not quite sure what to do.  He looked around at the other kids playing and seemed pretty content.  We didn’t swing him too high for his first time though –

We’re excited for the warm spring weather and can’t wait for more weekends like this!

What activities do you do with your kiddos on the weekends?  We also love going for walks because Avery loves watching animals, people, and cars go by.


17 thoughts on “Afternoon at the Park

  1. I don’t now what happened to my last comment, so you might get two. I was saying there’s an awesome park “around the corner” from you. It’s about 10 minutes from the mall on route 37 South. Totally worth the drive over especially when Avery is older. On top of the usuals (swings, slides, ride-ons), it has loads of climbing structures, egg pods to hide from the sun, and a pirate ship! It also has lots of shaded green to rest and have a picnic as well as parking (a plus!). Let me know if you need ideas for other places to take Avery to.

    • Thanks! Once Avery gets big enough I’ll get the details from you. Right now, he can only use the swing, but once he’s walking, we’ll be able to try the other cool park stuff…

  2. The photo of your Husband and Avery in the swing is precious! It’s great to have a park so close isn’t it? We go almost every day ourselves. This past weekend, he tried out the playground a little bit for the first time. I’m pretty sure we’ll be spending a LOT of time there as soon as he’s more mobile too.

    • Yes, and I love the nice weather – since Avery was born in the fall, we’ve been stuck inside and using malls to do walking but finally in the past couple months we can get outside and enjoy the parks and beaches around. How old is Mac now? I forget…

      • Mac will be 1 year old tomorrow! It was so gross hot humid last summer we barely left the house. But late fall and almost all of winter/spring was unseasonably warm so we logged a lot of outdoor walking time.

        But Baltimore summer weather has started to creep back. Disgusting today during an 11AM walk – the humidity is wretched.

        There are well forested state parks not too far that might provide some relief – assuming the ticks and mosquitoes aren’t horrible. Otherwise, we might be walking in a mall this summer. Or else I’ll have to adjust his sleep schedule so we can get out at dawn. Ha! I hate getting up that early!

        I’m so glad you have good weather! Nothing beats a nice breeze, blue skies, sun, and sharing it with some of the people you love best.

      • It’s humid here today – always scary with a little one and humidity and heat… I always make sure Avery isn’t outside too long and we try to stay in the shade and wear sunscreen and a hat. The weather can be nice, but I’m always a paranoid parent and make sure we’re safe about our outdoor play.

        P.S. Wow, Mac’s 1?! So exciting and I’m sure the first year flew by! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAC, from Avery 🙂

      • I’m also a bit of a freak about heat, humidity, sun. We do everything we can to avoid peak sunny hours, wear SPF clothes, hats, sunscreen, and pretty soon I’ll be constantly nagging the poor kid to drink more water too! Ha.

        The first year went SO fast. I knew it would so I tried my best to enjoy it. . .but still. . .SO fast!

        BIG THANKS to Avery for the birthday wishes! 🙂

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