Got Teeth?

Got teeth?  Avery does! on Saturday morning, on May 5th, Avery was unusually fussy.  We checked his mouth, and a tooth was coming through!  Hit bottom middle right one.  I’m sure there’s a technical term or name for it, but that’s what we called it! And while we were on vacation the past week, it’s neighbor decided to come out too!  So now our little munchkin has two chompers!

They have broken through, but are still growing and causing Avery to be really fussy at times.  We have an arsenal of tactics that we run through when he’s inconsolable – teething rings in the freezer, ice pops of apple juice, pacifiers, orajel, tylenol or advil are the last resort, and usually distracting him with something takes his mind away from the pain too, but I can only sing Old McDonald for so long before I run out of animals with noises.

I tried snapping a picture of his pearly whites, but he did not like it, so last night, he used my iPhone as a teether.  I put the camera on record so you can experience what my phone goes through with a teething 7 month old –

***warning… this video will make you dizzy!***

When did you little one(s) get teeth?  What helped calm them from the pain best?  What other animals can I add to McDonald’s farm that make an interesting noise?  Avery loves the ‘Who-Who’ owl and ‘Snort Snort’ pig the best.


One thought on “Got Teeth?

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