Baby’s Stay-cation

We’re back!  Our whirlwind vacation is over and we’re back to the weekly grind.  After we finish unpacking and getting settled back in, we’ll share our adventures.  Until then, here’s a recap of AVERY’S Stay-cation.  While we were lounging by the pool in Costa Rica, he was spending some quality time with Grammy, Grampy, and Auntie Sarah in Vermont:

He was very excited to see them (and their dogs)…

Our little monkey did some swinging.

Took a ride with Grampy…

Played on a blanket on the lawn…and discovered grass.

And caught all the attention of the neighborhood dogs…

After a long walk, took a long nap, and ate some food in his highchair.

Took a bath in Grammy’s bathtub.

And dried off in the mirror with Auntie Sarah.

We missed Avery while we were gone, but we knew he was in good hands and we’re so glad to see he had such a good time!

We’ll share our vacation pictures and details next…

What do you do with your little ones when you have a vacation?  Do you take them along, send them to Grandma’s?  We are taking our first flight with Avery to California at the end of the month!

10 thoughts on “Baby’s Stay-cation

  1. Oh my gosh — those pictures of Avery are too cute!!!! I love it. I bet your family was more than happy to have him for a few days and I’m sure you missed him terribly. I can’t wait to hear about your vacation and see pictures too! Sorry that you’re back to reality already — but hey, it looks like you’re on vacation at the end of the month again. So that’s something to look forward to.

    We haven’t gone on vacation without Lili yet. I know this is kind of sad, but we haven’t even gone on a date without Lili. My MIL has offered to watch her for our anniversary next week, but yeah… I don’t think we’re doing anything. We might go to the movies next week though. OH, and don’t get me wrong, I go out with my girlfriends and my husband will go out with his guy friends (not too much though. He’s such a homebody — and I guess I am too which is why we work so well together). It’s not like we’re miserable — or yearning for date nights. We have our date nights in his man cave watching movies, playing board games, talking, etc.

    Welcome home and back to reality!!!!


    • Thanks, Rachel. Being homebodies is nothing to be ashamed of. That saves you guys tons of money and you get to do creative activities. We love watching a TV show at night together to wind down and cuddle…like a mini-date night. Going out, when we don’t have family nearby to babysit gets pricey. We’re doing that tomorrow night. It’ll be 75$ (movie tickets+sitter) but we need to get out sometimes. I’m glad you and your hubby get ‘alone time’ together too… being parents and working is tough work, we all need a break with our spouse!

  2. honestly can he get any cuter?! Torrey and I were saying the other day he could totally be a baby model or something. You guys make cute kids! I love his excited breathing 🙂 Hope you had a great vacation!!

    • Haha, thanks Tessa. We did have a great vacation – just waiting on getting some pictures back from friends to post them up. Until then, I’m gonna post a few updates on our little guy…

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