Things That Go Bump in The Night

  1. A pacifier hitting the floor
  2. My shoulder slamming into the doorway as I navigate in the dark to Avery’s crib
  3. Avery’s head bonking the side of the crib

These three little things all contribute to a difficult night.  Avery wakes up because his pacifier dropped out the side of the crib. I have to go searching, in the dark, usually bumping into something on the way, find the pacifier, wash it in the bathroom, and get it to him.  If I don’t do this fast enough, he’ll get very mad and can’t be consoled without a bottle.  And many times after I’ve put Avery down for the night, and he’s still babbling and rolling around in his crib before falling asleep, I hear a ‘bonk’ followed by an immediate ‘Wahhh!’ Because our little guy tosses and turns and twists himself in the crib that he hits his head, and sometimes I go in to check on him and he’s got both feet sticking out through the sides of the crib.

So, if you remember back, we decided to take the bumpers off the crib before Avery used it – because they could cause SIDS. We put the bumpers up on the wall as a border, and it actually looked really good…

And this worked well because we weren’t worried about Avery in the middle of the night.  But not that Avery is very mobile, sleeps on his belly, and has a loose blanket with him at night, we thought safe to put the bumpers back in.

We hope it’ll also put an end to the things that go bump in the night… and helps Avery get back into sleeping through the night because he’s still not sleeping through… 😦

Oh, and if you noticed, we took the mobile down.  Avery now has a nightlight that projects images onto the ceiling and the mobile was in the way… plus that thing only lasted like 2-3 minutes and then we’d have to go wind it up again.  The new nursery player we has is set to 20 minutes.  Plus, soon, Avery will be pulling himself up in the crib and we don’t want him grabbing and pulling down the mobile, so it all works out…

Did/do you use crib bumpers?  We hear that they’re outlawed in some states What about a mobile?  Was/is yours useful or did your little one outgrow it?


16 thoughts on “Things That Go Bump in The Night

  1. Hannah outgrew her mobile fairly quick… She did love her fish aquarium music player tho. It used to play for 10min at a time with soothing ocean sounds and sift lullibies. We always had bumpers on the crib— Hannah never moved much in the night and there was no literature on bumpers and SIDS that I had read.

    • While shopping with a girlfriend on Sunday afternoon, we wandered into Brookstone to look at the cool gadgets. We found a baby soothing sounds player. Only 200$. No thanks. We got Avery’s player that plays either lullabies or nature sounds for $20. Good to know other kids use bumpers – so I feel better about Avery having them.

  2. I guess parents have to decide what is the lesser of two evils? Baby bumping head and body parts and getting stuck in between the crib or the small “risk of SIDS”. I have been using bumpers since M was 2 weeks old. I am glad they are on because she rolls alot and her head is always near the crib rails.She loves her mobile even if its not on. It has ladybugs on it. I will take it out before she starts standing but we are a ways off from that.

  3. We went with the mesh, “breathable” bumpers because I’m super paranoid, but also didn’t want Annabel to get her arms or legs stuck between the slats. So far they have worked perfectly! Just watch out once Avery is pulling up and standing. Annabel started doing that a while back and the first time really freaked me out! I’ve heard of “adventurous” babies using the thick bumpers as little step-stools to climb out of the crib:) And Annabel is so much “that” baby, so yet another reason why I think the mesh bumpers will be good for us: nothing to stand on!

    It sounds like you and I have the opposite problem. I can’t put Annabel down to bed unless she is asleep. She won’t just let me set her in her crib and leave without screaming and I just can’t bear to let her do that for very long. Yet she will sleep the whole night and when she does wake herself up, she’ll put herself back to sleep. And it sounds like Avery will go down by himself but can’t put himself back to sleep once he wakes in the night. Hopefully some day soon both of our babies will figure out how to do BOTH! 🙂

    • Thanks for the input, Adrianne.

      We’ll have to lower the crib soon so Avery can’t use the bumpers as step-stools. I know it’s the highest right now, and can go down 2 more settings.

      Sounds like Anabel and Avery are complete opposite sleepers! Avery goes down very well. Maybe cries a couple minutes, but usually just passes out. But he has trouble in the middle of the night. No idea how to get him to fall back asleep – we’ve tried everything… letting him cry, going to him quickly, etc. Oh well, maybe it’s just a LONG stage and he’ll change his sleeping habits soon!

  4. Meghan, I used a bumper till after my son was 6 months old. After that when he learnt to sit up and gradually pull himself up to a standing position he’d often get his feet tangled in the bumper. He used to walk about the periphery of the cot holding onto the railings. After a while he used to try to stand up by stepping on the bumpers. It was a safety risk leaving them on after that. But we had them from the time he was 3 till he was nearly 7 months old.

    Also, if you check, for every “study” done about SIDS there’s another one which dispels it so I guess you just have to go with what you know and believe. The first 2 months of my son’s life I’d get up at all odd times to just put my hand on his tummy or chest or hold it up against his nose to feel the warm air. Too much reading and research aren’t always a good thing.

    • Thanks, Ayanti.

      Avery is only rolling around in his crib, so until he starts crawling and pulling up on things, I think we’ll keep the bumpers. Then maybe we’ll try the mesh stuff? Avery will be crawling soon, so who knows, he might be using the bumpers to climb on in a week or two and then I’ll have to take them off again!!!

  5. For some strange reason, I don’t get notifications that you update your blog. Grrrr… It says I’m “following” you. Perhaps I need to subscribe another way?

    Anyway, YES we use a bumper and NO we do not use a mobile. My brother got Lili some musical projector thing that I love, but Lili is eh about it. She can do without it really. She’s like me; needs it to be pitched black.

    We lowered her crib the first time around 7 months (I think) and a week later I heard her crying and found her standing in her crib crying. I freaked out because it wasn’t lowered enough, so we lowered it to its lowest capacity. At around 9-months, she started getting used to sleeping in our bed. Totally my fault. Now it’s almost impossible for her to fall asleep in her crib. So we have to transfer her after half an hour. Does Avery sleep in your bed ever?

  6. I am a new mother too and have asked the same question about crib bumpers. One thing that has helped me be more comfortable with it is a fantastic little baby movement monitor that actually clips onto my baby’s diaper so if she stops breathing for any reason it will alarm and I can go in and check on her. It’s so much better than an under mattress monitor or a video feed that you wouldn’t be watching anyway if you’re asleep (or trying to be). It’s called a Snuza Halo Baby Movement Monitor. You can check out their website at So if your little Avery rolls up against the bumper and has trouble breathing, this little monitor will let you know so you can go right in and take care of it – it helps me sleep easier.

  7. Perhaps it’s time to sleep train without the paci. :). Neither of my kids took to a paci no matter how many times I try to introduce it to them, so this is not based on experience, but from what I’ve read. You don’t have to take the paci away, just don’t have him associate it with sleep. Then you don’t have to wake up to outwit back in and it doesn’t wake him up at night.

    Alternatively, if he knows how to pick it up and put it back in his mouth…then throw in 5-6 pacis in the crib at night. That way he’s sure to find one when his drops out.

    Good luck!

    • Thanks for the advice! Throwing the extra pacis in the crib sound like a great idea! Now if I could only find 5 or 6… gotta go hunt behind and under furniture – we’re always losing them!

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