Yesterday was day 40 of my FIT in 40 health kick.  Tomorrow we leave for Costa Rica.  My new bikini is packed and ready to go!



I’ve spent the past 40 days eating healthy and squeezing in a work-out whenever I can.  And it’s paid off.  I think I lost a couple pounds, but mostly I just feel better about myself.  On the days I work out, even for just 20 minutes, I feel SOOO much better.  Not just about my body, but I don’t feel like a blob at the end of the night.  I sit at a desk all day at work, and I do run around the house taking care of Avery, dinner, dishes, laundry, and so on.  But even going for a walk or doing some stretching and working out on a yoga mat for 20 minutes just makes me feel like I have more energy.  And when I don’t sleep more than 3-4 hours at a time at night, I need energy!

Here’s a recap of the 40 days from my journal:

My goals:

“I’d like to feel confident enough to wear a bikini on our vacation” (Day 1)

I think I’ve accomplished that.  I bought a new bikini and have plans to wear it proudly on the beach and by the pool the next 5 days.  I even packed 2 old bikinis that I feel good about wearing.

I’ve given up on the stretch mark issues.

“I’m still not comfy in my new post-baby skin…especially the skin with stretch marks.” (Day 15)

I tried hiding the stretch marks with different bathing suit styles, but with my body type (I’m only 5’2…on a good day) The one pieces and tankinis cut my body off and make me look silly.  So I stuck with the two piece and decided to just wear my stretch marks proudly.  They actually don’t look bad.  They make me feel…distinguished.  Accomplished. Proud.  Because they’re from 8 months (Avery came early) of carrying our little guy.

Exercise makes me (& Avery?) happier.

“Felt so good to exercise with Avery!” (Day 18)

“It feels good to excercise almost daily.  It really isn’t hard to squeeze in some yoga mat time while Avery plays in his bouncer or walker – he gets a kick outta watching me I think…” (Day 27)

The new jogging stroller was a great idea.  When the weather would cooperate, I made it a point to get out.  Avery loved people watching, and I loved the exercise.  We got time together too.  What’s not to love?  So any day we exercised (I say we because Avery is always in tow or with me somehow when I exercise) I always felt better at the end of the day, because I fit in a work-out without taking away time from Avery.

Eating healthy-ish:

“Tiramisu ice cream? No thank you” (Day 1)

“Homemade cheese burgers loaded with veggies & small pasta side (Maybe next time I’ll skip the cheese?)” (Day 2)

“Dinner: enchiladas with extra veggies” (Day 15)

“chicken fahitas – with more veggies than meat!  Yum.  I did splurge a bit and have some cheese on mine… yummy cheese.” (Day 33)

I think cutting back on portion size, and cutting out sweets was what helped the most.  I also only drank tea or water most of the time.  Not much soda, iced tea, etc. with extra sugar.  But I did have my days where I splurged:

“We were on vaca… I splurged with the ice cream” (Day 17)

“I splurged on dinner… we had take out as an end of the week treat”  (Day 23)

“Lunch: chicken wrap, soda (a splurge)” (Day 35)

So, overall I’m happy with my health kick and the ‘results’ I’m super-excited for a relaxing break from our crazy day-to-day lives.  Avery will be staying with his Grammy, Grampy, and Auntie Sarah, getting in some quality family time while Mommy and Daddy catch up on some much needed rest, and be a part of their close friends’ wedding.

I didn’t really take a ‘before’ picture, but I’ll share ‘after’ pictures when I get back…

Are you ready for ‘bathing suit weather’?  Summer is coming.  Are you on a health kick?  What works for you?  Do you have time to work out at the gym, or do you squeeze in something creative? 


8 thoughts on “FIT in 40: COMPLETE

  1. you go girl! Good for you! Exercising with M is a great idea! Thanks for the tip…I will try this out tonight. Its hard during the week when the hubby travels so maybe working out with her will help. Sometimes walking with her just isn’t enough. I need to start eating healthier. Have fun on your vaca!

  2. I can’t believe you leave tomorrow!!!!! I am freaking jealous and excited — is that possible?

    I’m so proud of you! Sticking to a Fit in 40 (despite that one day of the stomach bug), you did it!!!!!! You seriously rock. It’s hard to be a mom, wife, work full-time and still find the time to squeeze in a work out. And I’m with you on doing some type of workout if it means only being for 20-minutes long. It makes me feel good and puts me in a great mood too. Forget it… you don’t want to see me in a bad mood. LOL

    I don’t have time to workout at the gym, but I have my very own gym at the house. A treadmill, free weights, and plenty of DVDs. LOL It works out best as you’ve seen Lili in her cage and me on the outside. ;o)

    Anyway, again, I’m excited for your getaway. I can’t wait to see the pictures. Are you going to come home pregnant w/ #2? Your husband might not be able to take his hands off of you in that bikini! HA! ;o)

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