Don’t Touch That Dial

It’s starting.  Avery is becoming mobile – which means, he’s getting into EVERYTHING!

When he’s in his walker, he now knows how to navigate to an object he sees, and once he gets to it, he has to touch it or put it in his mouth…

please excuse the awkward side-ways-ness of this video.  I was using my phone and rotated the screen like I was taking a picture.  I don’t think I can rotate a video?

And when he’s on his mats in the living room, rolling around, his blocks and teddy bears are lost interests and he’s moved onto Daddy’s Xbox.

And don’t get me started on handles.  Everything with a handle has to be pulled.  The ring pull on our glass cases under the dining room pilars where Vinay’s model planes are displayed, and this suitcase…

And so it begins…The baby proofing.

We’re starting to move things up high, and we have a baby gate ready to install.  He’s getting very close to crawling, so once he figures that out… oh dear…

Can you share some tips on baby proofing?  Do you have a safe baby area for your little one to roam or do you baby proof the whole house?  I’m thinking of blocking off an play pen (aka ‘jail cell‘) like Lili has at RunAroundMyBlog.

15 thoughts on “Don’t Touch That Dial

  1. Ha – yes – remember coming from the kitchen to find my son with his foot in the video player and realising the baby proofing days had begun. The more safe areas you have, the calmer your life will be. We made the living room and bedrooms safe, and put gates on the areas he could only be with an adult (e.g. kitchen, study).

    • Haha, that’s to funny! I think you have a great idea there – making certain areas baby proofed. He’s in the living & dining room the most, so we’ll baby proof those rooms and gate off the kitchen. Thanks for the advice!

      • Good luck. It is quite stressful looking through your house with danger-seeking child eyes… hazards everywhere!

  2. We got a baby gate at one of our showers. I know we won’t need it for some time, but I am glad to have it. Right now it is sitting behind our couch. I love the pictures you post.

    • It’s good to have one so when the time comes, you’ll be ready – instead of having to run to the store which is tough with a little one!

  3. My house hasn’t been properly decorated since my son started to crawl 😦 Somehow baby-proofing didn’t work too well. He was able to pull the adhesives out when he stuck them on doors and everything went into the mouth. I’ve fished out coins and the small caps that are on juice containers and basically felt like a bad mother but they are determined!!

    A friend of mine invested in a super yard and her daughter took to it. They aren’t available in India and thankfully we have a large living room so this guy had plenty of space to roam around in.

    A few tips- keep shoes out of reach. They love shoes. Get those fasteners for toilet seats. Nothing like a seat crashing down on those pudgy lil fingers to ruin your day and theirs. Get all rugs, linoleum, carpets out of the way while he’s in his walker. They snag and make the whole contraption topple over. Also they can slide rather quickly on polished or wooden surfaces as well so you really need to be careful. Boys seem to use extra strength while using the walker.

    But fingers crossed Avery isn’t devious like my kid 🙂

    • Oh wow! I’ll keep that in mind. Luckily we have some tall furniture so I’m just moving everything up high out of reach… then we’ll see what else needs to be locked or padded as he becomes more mobile!

  4. Ha ha, the fun starts. I would recommend though to have a few (safe) things within his reach that he is not allowed to touch, just to teach him No. It takes a bit of time and quite a bit of effort, but it is so worth it in the end. Elisabeth used to play with everything, but now, after 5 million ” no that’s not for babies” she now knows what she can and can’t play with. Well worth the effort.

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