Avery’s mobility seems to amaze us every day.  We have the entire hardwood floor in the living room covered in blankets and mats and he still manages to roll off it and end up under the coffee table or chair.

Lately, he’s taken a liking to the traction from my yoga mat.

Yoga anyone?

Looks like I found a work-out partner.  Now I have to get another yoga mat for myself!

Do you exercise with your kiddos? What’s the best surface for crawling?  We find that the carpet in Avery’s room provides the best padding + traction.


20 thoughts on “Yoga-Bear

  1. I was told by Alyson’s pt that having them wear shorts provides more input to the knee making it easier to (learn to) crawl, which appears to be the case with my daughter

    • Thanks for sharing that, Mychelle! I was worried the surfaces were affecting his ability to learn to crawl – hardwood, carpet, play mat, yoga mat, etc. Shorts is a great idea!!! I think you might be perfectly right… we will see tonight!

      • You shouldn’t be worried. Kids will learn to crawl no matter the surface. Obviously some surfaces are easier to crawl on vs others. Kyle learned on carpet but was a master crawler on all surfaces. I think it’s probably just learning to crawl, once that technique clicks in his head it’ll happen. Both my kids learned to crawl backwards first, you have to let me know how it was for Avery.

      • Thanks, Mychelle. He scoots backwards and when he gets up on his knees he rocks back and forth but doesn’t know what to do next, it’s so cute!

  2. Mom’s been talking about these pictures (or ones like them) for a while- that Avery is learning how to “plank” before crawl. I’m so proud, he’s going to be a fitness boy!

  3. We have hardwood floors – everywhere. With all of our pets, I’m anti-carpet of any kind. Ha! Mac loved my yoga mat for a few days but then started to eat it. (Clearly something is lacking in his diet). It seemed as the weather warmed and I took him out of the footie PJ’s more, he started crawling more willingly. And now he seems to want to try to stand more without socks. Who knows? Could be coincidence. He mostly does what he wants and only when he wants. (Except for naps – they are non-negotiable)!

    • Haha, thanks Deni… Avery tries to eat everything too. Sometimes I wonder when he’s going to figure out he can’t fit his WHOLE fist in his mouth. I’ll let him figure that one out.

      I think the shorts and no socks will help Avery with traction. He seems to slide around on the hardwood, so without the clothing between him and the surface, it should make it a little easier for him to grip…we will see!

  4. Haha, so cute! Looks like he’s working on his downward dog! I think the carpet is easiest for them to crawl on (and probably most comfortable), but Annabel LOVES it when she reaches the tile in the kitchen. She crawls over and slaps the tile with her hands over and over, so I guess she just likes the way it feels:) Avery is getting SO close!

    • Haha that slapping thing Annabel does sounds like what Avery does in his highchair…no idea why he does it. I’ll have to try the kitchen tiles too (after I clean them!) and see if he likes them…?

    • Thanks Arryn. I get disappointed every time I hear from you because that means you haven’t had the little one yet! When you go MIA, I’ll get excited!!!

      I stink at yoga, so I don’t know where Avery gets his moves… 🙂 It’s nice to have a work out partner now though!

      • Hahaha! Andrew and I keep saying it could be anytime now! You never know! Hopefully it will be clear when I am MIA.

        Yoga is hard…I think. Maybe I have never really given it a fair chance.

  5. He is so close to crawling! We have also found that the carpet is the best spot! We have hardwood in the kitchen and hallway but carpet in the living room and very glad we chose that when we built the house!

    • I was thinking ahead when we planned Avery’s nursery – I had to have an area rug, thinking it would be better for him to play on than hardwood – now it’s the perfect place for him to ‘practice’ haha

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