Sitting Duck

Between 4 and 5 months, Avery mastered the art of rolling over.  And he’s so good at it now that whenever you lay him down on his back, he flips right over onto his tummy.  Great, right?!  Yes.  Except it now makes changing diapers and clothes an adventure.  The little bugger won’t stay still on his back.

One second he’s trying to roll over, the next he’s kicking the powder container and it falls to the floor, and then he tries reaching for the clothes hanging nearby that he’s supposed to wear, but instead he wants to eat them, oh and then if you try holding him still, he sumo-wrestles your arms with his legs and screams bloody murder.  So, although we are thrilled Avery’s developing well and can roll over, let’s just say, it’s getting a little old – and tiresome!  Onto the next task…

For the past month, we’ve been encouraging Avery to master the task of ‘sitting up.’  First we started propping him up using his boppy pillow or leaning him up on the couch.

Avery did well with this – he’s technically been a ‘supported sitter’ for a while. So we quickly moved onto having him sit alone while we sat behind him for support (and to grab him if he falls!).

He was a little wobbly.  So we tried helping him out by putting him in a confined space that he couldn’t really ‘fall over’ – a laundry basket 🙂


And with some practice, he began to finally sit by himself!  Here he is earlier this week:

Last night in his PJ’s, he was literally a sitting duck – Sitting up all by himself in his ducky pajamas, as if it was no big deal.


Yay Avery!  We’re so proud of you.

Up next… crawling!  But let’s not fast-forward there yet.  Mommy and Daddy are still basking in the awesomeness from last night – enjoying the milestones as they come along 🙂

When did you little one(s) learn to sit up?  Were they crawling long after?  We’re mentally prepping for the baby-proofing that is too soon to come…


13 thoughts on “Sitting Duck

  1. Awe yay!! I love the laundry basket idea! When changing him you can try distracting him by handing him his favorite toy or even singing to him. I have found if she gets fussy when tryin to change her, I sing really loud and she stops moving! She becomes fascinated with the sound and like to watch me sing (even though its terrible, lol)

    Mikayla loves to roll over and “fly” like batman! We are training her with the sitting up too!

    • Thanks for the suggestions – we will try them tonight! My singing wouldn’t get me on American Idol either, but it’ll have to do. Avery does the ‘flying’ thing too, haha. Does Mikayla ‘creep’ yet? Avery can’t crawl yet, but he scoots around on his belly – mostly backwards. My grandma calls it ‘creeping’ hehe

  2. Oh, man I know EXACTLY what you mean about the diaper/clothes changes! Annabel HATES to have her diaper changed now because all she wants to do is roll over and crawl away. It has actually become a huge struggle and something I never look forward to anymore! Even toys won’t distract her now.

    As monumental as the milestones are, it’s amazing how quickly I have forgotten exactly when they all happened. I think Annabel was sitting unassisted right at 5 months, but propped up for a while before that. At 6 months she was doing an “inchworm” crawl where she would move a step then fall on her belly, get back up, move a step, fall, repeat, repeat, repeat. Then she started full on crawling at 6.5 months and hasn’t stopped since! Even before she was crawling though, she was pulling up on things to stand, so watch out! It’s all going to go really quickly now that he’s starting to get mobile!! Good luck and have fun:)

  3. Avery is just the cutest thing ever. I’d like to say the “screaming bloody murder” will stop in a few months, but nope. Lili hates being changed. I also LOVE all the videos. I tried posting a video, but I think you have to pay extra for it, right? I mean, I really should just buy my name… I don’t know what’s taking me so long. HA.

    They grow up to fast. Sometimes I wish I could just push the pause button.

    • Nope, I don’t pay for it. I put them on YouTube (you just need to make an account) and then link to it. I pay for my domain name though – $17 whopping dollars a month. So if you’re in the mood to splurge one day, it won’t hurt the bank too much 🙂

  4. Soooo cute! If I need the kid to behave for any short period of time, I give him the TV remote. For some reason he’s obsessed with it! Ha.

  5. This was my strategy for changing a wiggly baby:
    Get everything you need for the change and put it on the floor next to a towel folded to baby size.
    Now go get the baby. Say, “It’s time to change your diaper! Lie still on your back!” You might think he doesn’t understand what you say, but he’s starting to, and it won’t hurt you to say it–whereas if you don’t tell him what you expect from him, you are certain not to get it.
    Put him on his back on the towel. Immediately sit down at the side of him and put your leg over him, across his arms and chest, to hold him down. Don’t press really hard, of course, but think of it as a seat belt.
    Start loudly singing, “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad” or another song. Use the same song every time, not only because little children like routines, but so that you won’t have to think about it. Change the diaper.
    It worked for me! My son is 7 now and still likes “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad”, so it must not have traumatized him.

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