Avery’s 6-month Check-up

Last week, Avery had his 6-month check-up.  He got measured, weighed, poked and prodded, and got a couple shots.  He was extra-squirmy and made quite a mess of the paper on the exam table, but with my help, the nurse was able to check all the important stuff, and the verdict?  He’s doing great!  The nurse asked and answered a bunch of questions about eating, development, etc.  and when the questions about sleeping came up, she said we were doing the right thing, and just keep working at it… so our little sleep problem will stay a mystery…

Now for the exciting part… the numbers and charts that show his growth!

length: 27.5″ (75.28%).  Avery grew 1.75 inches in the past month – moved up from the 52nd percentile to the 75th!

weight: 16 lb 10.4 oz (23.35%).  Avery’s desire to eat everything in sight has resulted in 2 1/2 pounds gained in the past month!

head circumference: 44 cm (47.10%).  This is the big shocker… Avery’s head grew 3cm from the 14th percentile last month, to the 47th percentile!

From the growth patterns on his chart so far, I think he has his Daddy’s height (Mommy’s only 5′-2″…on a good day) .  Maybe we have a future NBA player on our hands?  And did you see how much his head grew!? The nurse measured it twice because she thought it was wrong.  Nope, he just has a big head!  He’s still on the slender side… but he eats like a champ, so we’re not worried.  And now that he’s closing in on 30″ for height, we’re getting prepared to graduate him to a new carseat very soon!

Some more exciting numbers and info about Avery at 6 months:

Clothing Size: 9-12 months.  Since he’s long, he’s in bigger clothes than his age.  I’ve had to store away almost all his 6-month size clothes already!

Sock Size: 12-24 months.  Seriously.  He’s outgrown all his socks, other than the ones he just got for Easter.  Can you say, ‘Big Foot?’

Favorite Toy: Octy.  His blue octopus that’s actually a bath toy, but it’s so easy for him to grip with both hands that he’s become attached to it.

Favorite Position: Standing up.  He loves being held up and bouncing on his feet or leaning on something.

Least Favorite Position: He hates being on his back.  He automatically flips over to his tummy.  This makes changing him quite an adventure.  I’ve gotten pretty good at changing his diaper ‘upside-down’ 🙂

Hates: His bottle being taken away (even after he’s eaten it all), giving in for naps (he tries to fight them off so he doesn’t miss anything), and being put in his car seat (he arches his back and screams because he just wants to stand or sit up straight)

Loves: Formula.  Tummy time in his gym.  People watching in the jogging stroller, anything with lights!

Sleeping: He puts himself to sleep after a couple minutes of fussing when he goes down at night.  But he still wakes up in the middle of the night multiple times, and sometimes can only be consoled with a bottle in the early morning hours.  We’re working on this

Eating: 30 oz. of formula a day, 3 meals of fruit/veggie & rice cereal a day.  We recently started adding a yogurt snack in the afternoon and he loves it!

New Stuff: He knows how to move around in his walker to grab and pull things down!  He’s ALMOST crawling. He’s learning to pickup food with his fingers and put in his mouth.  He’s starting to babble more!

Did you miss Avery’s charts from his 5-month doctor’s visit?  See here. Does your child’s physical features or habits come from you or your spouse?  I think Avery looks more like Vinay, and his height and slender build is defintely more like Daddy.  But Avery is always on the go, like Mommy, and gets bored easily if he’s not entertained.


3 thoughts on “Avery’s 6-month Check-up

    • Thanks for sharing! Has he had a haircut yet? My mom says I didn’t have my first haircut until I was 14 months old – so I think Avery gets his hair from me!

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