So Close!

Yesterday, I caught Avery ALMOST crawling!  He’s been obsessed with rolling onto his tummy, and shimmying around, but hasn’t quite figured out how to pull up his knees to crawl – until last night!  He was playing in his room on the rug and I peaked in, and saw him on his knees rocking back and forth!


I tried helping him out, and he took his first lunge into crawling…


Smack!  Poor little guy.  He was so close!  Soon enough….he’ll get the hang of it!

When did your little one(s) start crawling?  Were you able to catch it on video!?  Did he/she get as frustrated as Avery does? Avery gets so mad and cries, but he gets over it and tries again.  A head rub and kiss always encourages him 🙂

9 thoughts on “So Close!

  1. Awww… Once he starts crawling, your entire life will change. Too cute.

    Lili started crawling at 8-months. And immediately started standing up at that point also. We thought she was going to be a scooter at first because she’d kind of sit up and scoot… And she’d do the whole crawling movement for awhile, but nothing. Instead, she’d roll and roll and roll and roll to get where she wanted to get. LOL

    • haha so cute! Avery is a rolling machine too! He recently figured out how to change directions in his walker and move to get to something – and now he’s pulling on everything he can reach! Baby proofing isn’t too far away!

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