FIT in 40: Halfway There

Yesterday marked the halfway point in my FIT in 40 health kick.  I’m getting super-excited for our upcoming vacation in the sun.  I think my recent excitement comes mostly from the good weather we’ve been having.  I’ve been able to get out and take walks with Avery in our new jogging stroller once or twice a day if it’s a weekend!

The nice weather also sparked some spring cleaning.  I rotated in my spring clothes, put away winter clothes, and dedicated a whole tote to maternity clothes.  (I utilized our cool label maker to mark the totes!) Yup, all those stretchy-waist pants and loose fitting shirts are packed far-far away down in the basement!  They’ve been replaced with yoga pants and sports shirts… because I’m doing much more exercising these days 🙂

Here’s a look at how things are going, as of yesterday.

Day: 20

Days to Go: 20

Weight Loss: 4.4lbs.   1 more pound lost since last week, Yay! I also fit into a skirt I found in the summer clothes that I couldn’t fit into two summers ago!

Daily Calorie Net: 1100-1400.  I have to up this now that I’m exercising more…

Guilty Pleasures: Sweets.  I splurged on Easter and on our weekend vacation… some ice cream, jelly beans, and girl scout cookies.  They weren’t repeat offenses though… I’m being good most days 🙂

Exercise Frequency: We’re walking 30-120 minutes a day now with the stroller.  More on weekends to make-up for busy weekdays.  I need to get in more stretching, ab and leg workouts…

Bikini Confidence: I tried on some one-piece bathing suits this past weekend.  Yuck.  It just doesn’t work with my body shape.  Bikini it is.  A couple more weeks and I’ll be a confident shopper and pick something out that I feel good in.  Still sub-conscious about those stretch marks…

Motivational Pictures: Bye-bye maternity clothes…

Have you brought out your spring clothes yet?  Do you have a bin of clothes that you can’t fit into anymore, but can’t part with?  I do!  I think I’ll label that tote ‘Goal Clothes’.


12 thoughts on “FIT in 40: Halfway There

  1. Congrats, Meghan. A pound is actually a lot when you think about it…. and you’ve lost almost 5. DANG! I’m feeling fat. I better workout tonight.
    Good job.

    • Haha, thanks for the encouragement. A pound is a lot. It was too cold to take Avery for a walk last night so I was feeling like a blob last night… oh well. Today is a new day. What do you do to workout?

      • I’ll be honest… YOU totally got me off my booty last night and I worked out. It felt great. THANK YOU.
        I’m very lucky that I have a workout room. There’s a big part of the house that I never show but I’m excited to one day get to it. I have a bowflex, a treadmill, and a spinner, etc. It’s a great space and I enjoy it but since we bought this house I’ve been a total slacker. Gained 11 pounds. uhhhh. When the weather’s nice I like to run outside but I’m getting too old and that usually kills my knees. I’m inspired by you so thanks for keeping us updated. Once person’s success stories can encourage someone else. Keep it up!

      • Wow, that’s awesome!!! Good for you. Having a workout room is so conveient…I’m glad to hear I helped you kick your butt in gear 🙂

  2. Great job, Meghan. And I am sure you look beautiful in the bikinis you’ve tried on. ;o) I’m so happy you were able to store away your maternity clothes and you won’t have to see them until baby #2. ;o) No pressure. HA.

    When is your vacation? Where are you going? I am dying for a family vacation. Especially with the baby. We’ll be going away for Memorial Day Weekend to Vermont, so that’ll be a nice getaway. But I am trying to plan something for June as well.

    You’re doing a wonderful job so keep it up!!

    • Thanks. We have a shopping weekend set at the end of the month for the bikini…wish me luck!!! The vacation has been planned since even before Avery was here. Our friends are getting married in Costa Rica… a destination wedding – so fun! We’ll be going there for 4 days for festivities. Our Moms will be coming to our house to watch the little guy. Where are you going in VT? My sis might have her graduation party that weekend so I’ll be in the Burlington area possibly that weekend.

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