Opening Day: Let the Rivalry Begin

Today is the Red Sox Home Opener.  Practically a holiday in Boston.  I’m surprised it’s not a holiday.  Marathon Monday is.

It’s also their 100th season!

photos taken this morning, courtesy of the Red Sox Facebook Page

At work, we’re all decked out in our sports-gear.  Our company holds a party every year to celebrate the start of the season and with a donation to the Jimmy Fund’s Rally Against Cancer, we’re permitted to wear Red Sox gear to work.

So after I got all decked out this morning, I thought it would be fun to dress Avery up too.  Red Sox sweatshirt and cap.  Vinay was NOT happy about that.  Let me remind you, Vinay grew up in NYC.  Diehard Yankee fan.  Me, Red Sox fan.  Avery – caught in the middle of the rivalry.

To be fair, Avery has a Yankee hat too. We’re going to let HIM decide which team he likes.  Until then, Mommy & Daddy are dressing him and I decided he was NOT wearing the Yankee hat today.  (Can’t have him getting beat-up at daycare!) So, with disgust, Vinay let Avery wear his Red Sox gear to daycare today – with strict instructions – do not post any pictures of him in his Red Sox gear today!  And like a good wifey, I’m not 🙂  But when we drove off this morning, I think he was still fuming.

Let the in-house rivalry begin.

And since I can’t post any pictures of the ‘lil guy today… here are some other festive pictures to celebrate the kick-off of this year’s Red Sox season!

(family at a Red Sox game a couple years ago)

Are you a big sports fan?  Do you get dressed up to support your favorite team?  Do you have an in-house rivalry like us?!


7 thoughts on “Opening Day: Let the Rivalry Begin

  1. Rivalrys make things exciting don’t they?! My husband is a huge hockey fan. He cheers for the Montreal Canadiens and our three year old for some reason has taken a liking to the Boston Bruins, one of their rivals! I think it’s hilarious. Hubby not so much!

  2. 🙂 We do not have any in-house rivalry, but I will say I tend to be out of place here in Red Sox land. I grew up in Maryland so I am an Orioles fan and…a Yankees fan. I think that is because my grandfather grew up in NYC and was a HUGE baseball fan and loved those Yankees. I have a lot of fond memories of watching the games with him…so that is why I am a Yankees fan.

    Now that I am living in New England…I will def. support the Red Sox…in most games 😉

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