First Food(ie) Reviews

Our Future Foodie has finished trying all the Gerber 1st Foods!  When he turned 4 months, Avery was at the ‘Supported Sitter Stage’, where he could sit in a highchair and knows to open his mouth for a spoon, etc.  This is when we started him on rice cereal, then every 4 days, we introduced a new food, allowing time for any allergies to show.  Here’s a breakdown of Avery’s first foodie reviews:

Avery’s First Food(ie) Reviews:


Sweet Potatoes:


baby playing with spoon







Green Beans:

We were lucky to not encounter any allergies and Avery loved everything he tried!  I think we had more fun watching Avery try them than he did… 🙂  I certainly became more talented myself, learning to feed him while video taping and taking pictures at the same time.  It was tough, and some days I found crusty food on my phone from a previous meal, but it was worth sharing the fun videos and pictures with everyone!

That concludes the First Foods.  Next?  Second Foods (imagine that!).  This stage begins around 6 months and is considered the ‘Sitter Stage’.  Avery has been getting very close to sitting up for extended periods of time by himself, so we’re starting him on these new foods.  How are they different from the ‘First Foods’?  There are mixtures (aka apples & bananas) and new foods to try!  We’ll share more photos as Avery tries these new foods in the upcoming months…

What foods does you little one love?  Do you have a schedule or method for introducing new foods? Do you try the food too?  We’ve tried a couple… and Vinay swears they’re pretty good… compared to Avery’s formula that is (which he can’t stand the smell of!)


18 thoughts on “First Food(ie) Reviews

  1. Sooooo Cute! I’m so impressed with the organized way you introduced new foods. We just throw any old thing at our kid and hope he eats it – chick peas, avocado, lentils, stage 2 before stage 1, ha! So far it’s working but if Mac catches wind of Avery’s foodie reviews, we could have trouble! 🙂

      • yeah, we were in that stage for a while…he just wanted to lean forward and grab a toy or the blanket. It just takes practice, and I honestly think if they have a bigger belly (which Avery doesn’t) it’s easier for them to sit up because they have that lil belly to balance out.

  2. So far I have been making Cassidy’s food (crazy I know). It has been easier than I anticipated and have frozen a ton of it for future use. Cassidy loves sweet potatoes, bananas, apples, peas, and carrots. She is unsure about the beans. I have been mixing those with cereal which seems to help. I think we will try peaches this weekend. 🙂

  3. What a great post. I can hardly take pictures of Lili eating because she is just like her father — you don’t want to keep her waiting. LOL

    We’re still feeding Lili baby foods (both Gerber and I make some baby food also). Of course you get the occasional, “well, I fed my baby table food from the start!” Ugh. Those comments are just so annoying. I’ve learned to bite my tongue, nod, roll my eyes inside my head and just say, “uh huh. Ohhh. Okay, that’s nice.” I switch them around…

    Again, what a great way to document Avery eating his baby food.

    • Thanks. It is hard to take pictures while feeding him, but it makes it challenging and fun! I know what you mean about the comments. We are slowly introducing the foods to watch out for allergies and it works for us, so to each his own 🙂

  4. Ha, this is cute. We just started solids in the last month or so too and it’s been quite an adventure. I saw you also made some of your own, which is exactly what I’ve been doing! We’ve already tried tons of stuff and surprisingly, she’s loved all of it. Definitely a fun, new stage!

    • Awesome! Isn’t it fun?! Avery’s doc just gave the go-ahead to start introducing foods more frequently, since he doesn’t have any allergies show up yet…so we are excited to add to his expanding pallette!

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