Just Another Manic Monday

Remember way back, when I shared a day in the life of Avery?  He was only a month old.  Our routine has significantly changed since then.  Now we have daycare, two full-time jobs, and a 6-month old!  Here’s a look into a typical Monday at the RatnamResidence…

5:00AM – My alarm goes off.  I snooze.  I’m tired.  I probably was up 3-4 times with Avery. I’ll sacrifice 15 minutes and just rush through getting dressed for some extra sleep.

5:15AM – I get myself ready – shower, dress, makeup.  It’s amazing how fast I can get myself ready now.  I guess it’s partly because I know I have to get out of the house at an exact time, and partly because hair, makeup, and clothing choice are on the bottom of my priority list so those only take a few seconds to do now.

5:45AM – I pack my lunch and Avery’s daycare bag, start the car and load our bags. This way, I only have Avery to carry to the car and nothing is forgotten if he spits up on me or something happens that throws our routine in a funk.

6:00AM – Wake Avery for his morning bottle, change. I set out Avery’s clothes the night before to save time.

6:15AM – Into the car seat and out the door.

6:50AM – If traffic is light, we arrive a little early to daycare.  Avery is usually sleeping so I either chat on the phone with my Mom or catch up on some Words With Friends.

7:00AM – Drop Avery at daycare and head to work for the day

4:45PM – Pick Avery up at Daycare.

5:30PM – Arrive home, Avery has dinner

6:00PM – Bath time! followed by some night-time lotion and pjs.

6:30PM – Avery plays in his new wheels while I prep dinner, clean Avery’s daycare bag, wash dishes, etc.  If Avery gets feisty, we play on his mat or read a book for a while.  Sometimes he’s completely content in his walker so I can talk with him while I work.  But he’s been teething, so sometimes he needs to really be distracted and needs full attention.

6:30-7:00PM – Daddy comes home, plays with Avery while Mommy works on dinner and prepping Avery’s room for bedtime (getting clothes out for the next day, refill humidifier, make bottle, etc.)

7:15PM – Vinay gives Avery his evening bottle and puts him down

7:30PM – I finish dinner while Vinay starts washing bottles/dishes, we check on Avery until he’s asleep.

7:45PM – Dinner & DVR.  We DVR all our favorite shows so we can watch 20-30 minutes of one while we eat and wind down for the night.  I LOVE this part of the night because I can just zone out for a little bit.  What’s your TV guilty pleasure?  We’re currently hooked on Grey’s Anatomy, Survivor, and The Voice.  There’s always at least 2-3 episodes to chose from each night because it takes a while for us to catch up.  Sometimes during Avery’s Saturday naps we can really catch up.

8:30PM – Cleanup dishes, finish bottles, etc.

9:00PM – Bedtime.  I read for a bit while Vinay watches TV.  We’re both asleep by 9:30ish.

12:30AM – Avery cries.  I wait a few minutes before checking on him and he goes back to sleep.

1:45AM – Repeat

2:20AM – Repeat (at this point I’m thinking PLEASE Go to Sleep!)

3:30AM – Repeat

5:00AM – Alarm!  Time to start another manic day!

In a normal day we get the day-to-day stuff done.  Then we reserve the bigger stuff like cleaning, laundry, family outings, etc. for the weekend.  There’s only 24 hours in a day, and they sure do fly by fast, and when they’re done, man are we exhausted!  We’re pretty happy about how much we can accomplish in a day and a week, and I think the only thing that really slides and gets pushed aside is cleaning.  The house is typically picked up, but I’m sure you’ll find a couple dust bunnies under furniture…

What’s your daily routine like?  Is it typical or does it change from day to day?  How do you share your household to-do list every day/week?  Do you get it all done or do you let some things slide since there’s only so much time in a day…?


12 thoughts on “Just Another Manic Monday

  1. That is a full day!!! My day is fully but varies from day to day since I run my own business. I like having the flexibility, but there are definitely days and weeks where I just feel like there are not enough hours! (And that is without a baby yet).

    • I wonder what a flexible and changing schedule would be like.. ours is pretty predictable on a daily basis. It helps for Avery and his feeding/sleeping, but some days it would be nice to do something different!

      • Yeah, I bet the consistency is good for your son. I am sure we will have to have consistency to some degree with our baby. I do love the flexibility though.

  2. My youngest is 5 now, but reading this reminded me of all the middle of the night wake up calls. It was so exhausting!

    I don’t want to scare you, but watch out for when you are completely used to sleeping throught the night again and he gets sick and is up all night. It’s even harder to get through the next day when it’s no longer the norm!

    • Thanks for the heads-up, Leslie. I think it’s been really hard the past month with Avery because he did sleep for almost a month when he was 3 1/2- 4 1/2 months old… then he stopped, and it was difficult to adjust. Now I’m just used to waking up every hour or two at night. I’m sure my body will be happy when I can sleep straight through again so I better watch out because we all know that it won’t last forever…

  3. You. Are. A. ROCK STAR!!!! And your Husband too! Just reading this makes me exhausted! Not so much with the interruptions in the wee hours but the actual routine too! Little Avery is one lucky fellow to have such caring, organized, and dedicated parents!

  4. Oh my! Sounds just like my routine! Except i have to shower at night to save time in the morning. I thought i was out the door early but you are waaay earlier! props to you, girl! I also love DVR and watching Grey’s, The Office, Parks and Rec, and yes…Jersey Shore! lol

    • Haha, my husband is a Jersey Shore fan too! And I was really running late this morning and didn’t have time to shower (I know, gross), so I was thinking of showering at night… maybe I’ll try that.

      • It is so much easier! Our daughter still gets up once a night (ugh, trying to change that) so because her times are inconsistent, its easier to shower at night. I have to straighten my hair in the mornings too so not showering and already having my hair dry saves me a good 20 minutes! 🙂

      • Awesome. Sounds like a plan to me. Starting tonight. I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂 I could use that extra 20 minutes of sleep in the morning!

  5. I had to chuckle a little because when I started reading this I was like, ‘OH man. I would love to be the one to wake up Lili in the morning instead of her waking ME up” — and then putting him down… but then I saw all the times he wakes up. LOL – Don’t worry, I was and am still on the same boat. Lili has been better though (and she’s 9 1/2 months), instead of waking up every other hour, it’s like, she’ll go down anywhere between 7:30-8:30 and then wake up anywhere between 2:30-3:30. I give her water, she goes back down usually. Then she’ll wake up again an hour after — I know a lot of babies already start to sleep through the night, but I also know not every baby is the same…

    So yeah, I get up anywhere between 4-6 with the baby and as soon as she calms (either sleeping or playing) I do my workout. Then I feed her between 7-7:30. Get her dressed, shower, and we head out to either my parents or my husband’s parents. They take turns watching Lili. I pick her up by 5:20 — and of course, it’s not like daycare. They want me to hang out for a bit — so I don’t get home till 6. We play w/ baby, make dinner, all eat, give her a bath by 7:30, last bottle and then hang out or do laundry or clean up, etc…

    Lonnnng day and I lonnnnng for the weekends. LOL

    What do you do for work?


    • Hi Rachel! Although our schedules are a little different, we’re both super-busy! I am so envious that your family watches Lili. We don’t have that option with family being so far away, and they still work full-time anyways so if they were close, they couldn’t watch Avery anyways. As for work, I’m a Plumbing Coordinator at a large mechanical contractor. And you are thinking, what the heck is that?! hahaha… I went to school for architecture and interior design, but because of the economy when I graduated, I luckily found a position with this company and have been with them since then. I moved up from doing AutoCAD work to coordinating plumbing systems – I design plumbing systems for buildings in Boston Metro… high rise residential buildings, laboratories, hotels, etc. It’s not a typical job, so most people have no idea what I do when I tell them my job title….

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