Six Months of Superlatives

Avery is 6-months old today.  It’s hard to believe that he’s been with us that long already! (take a look back at his birth story) We’ve been parents for 6 months.  We’ve had a son for 6 months.  I still feel weird when I call Vinay my ‘husband’ and refer to Avery as my ‘son’.  But then I look at the surplus of memories and pictures capturing them and realize, yeah we are parents and we have a super-awesome kiddo too!

So, in honor of Avery’s 1/2 birthday.  Here are some fun ‘superlatives’ from the first 6 months of Avery’s life!

Biggest Surprise (3 minutes)

Most Likely to Grow into his Binky (3 weeks)

Most Compact (1 month)

Most Fierce (1 month)

Warmest (5 weeks)

Best Body (8 weeks)

Most like his Father (2 months)

Least Likely to get Confused with a Deer (2 1/2 months)

Most Likely to Play for the Patriots (3 months)

Best Smile (3 1/2 months)

Most Huggable (4 months)

Most Likely to Become a Super Hero (4 1/4 months)

Most Spirited (4 1/2 Months)

Most Mobile (5 months)

Most Stylish (5 1/4 months)

Littlest Red Sox Fan (5 1/2 months)

Most Talented (5 3/4 months)

Most Changed (1 day vs. 6 months)

What was your favorite?!  Were you awarded a ‘superlative’ in your high school yearbook?  I did!  I was voted the class flirt with my buddy Steve O.  😉


10 thoughts on “Six Months of Superlatives

    • Thanks! YHL does their monthly recap via Superlatives… thought it would be fun and put a twist on it for Avery – took me forever to narrow down the pictures and only use a few for each month!

  1. He’s soooooooo cute! I think “Most Likely to Grow into His Binky” is my fav. I was voted best dressed in High School. I should have been voted “Most likely to Wear Yoga Pants for Eternity” though!

    • Awe thanks. He may look sweet but man is he strong and squirms a lot! It’s hard changing him now because he tries to flip over or grab something or kicks like crazy…

  2. Love every picture! 🙂 I love the most changed- it’s hard to believe how much he’s grown!! I miss you guys, can’t wait to see you next weekend!! And i was voted best all around with Billy Bouffard! 🙂

  3. Oh, Happy Belated Half Birthday Avery!!!! He is too cute. Their faces change every single day, right? It’s crazy.

    I was voted “Best Dressed”. A few girls wanted me to win funniest. I thought I was pretty funny — my husband thinks it’s funny that I laugh at my own jokes the loudest. So what if I do… It’s funny! ;o)

    • Thanks, RAS! It is crazy how much Avery has changed in just 6 months. They grow up so fast! You were voted best dressed?! Awesome! From your blogs, I’d agree that you are very funny – and who doesn’t laugh at their own jokes!? If they’re good, of coarse you’d be laughing at them too!!! 🙂

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