FIT in 40: Day 1

Okay, here goes.  I’m officially starting my health kickoff for the year!  Yes, some of you started at the new year, but as you know, with a baby and working full time, I do get things done, it just takes a lot longer to complete them, or at times, just get them started.  I was on a health kick the first two weeks of the year – logging my calories, weighing myself to see if I made any progress, and I even scoped out some local gyms, vowing to devote two workouts a weekend at a gym (since it was impossible on weeknights when I only see Avery for 3 hours as it is).  Well, that didn’t happen.  Other things take priority and yes, I’d rather get another 30 minutes of sleep in the morning (especially when I rarely get more than 5) instead of getting up to workout.  So, my dreams of losing the baby weight Avery left me with was put on hold.  Until now…

As of today, we are 40-ish days away from our trip to Costa Rice, for our close friends’ (Hi Mariana & Kris!) wedding.  We’ve had this trip planned for over a year now, and what better motivation is there?  I have 40 days to get FIT!

How am I going to do it?  Well, I’m not going to follow any ‘plan’ or workout to a certain disk serious like ‘P90X’ or ‘Insanity’ . (although I hear they are very effective.  I just can’t devote an hour or sometimes even 30 minutes to a workout).   I’m just going to eat healthier, and squeeze in as many workouts as I can – without jeopardizing time with Avery, or my sleep.

How am I possibly going to manage that?  I work 45-50 hours a week, and when I’m not working, I’m taking care of Avery or household chores.  So my first order of business is to get back into running.  The weather is finally agreeable where I can take Avery out without bundling him up in a snowsuit like ‘A Christmas Story’ (Brownie points if you get that reference). I used to run in high school and I did a 5K with my Mom a couple years ago.  So, my first order of business is to buy this:

Why a jogging stroller?  Well, a treadmill would be the most convenient, and I could squeeze in workouts like my girl, RAS, but that’s a little out of budget (I asked Vinay for one for Mother’s Day.  He laughed).  With a stroller, I can spend time with Avery, he can get fresh air, and I can get a workout!  Not a bad deal…

So, what are my goals?  I’d like to feel confident enough to wear a bikini on our vacation.  No specific weight or inches loss… because muscle weighs more than fat you know 🙂  Wouldn’t it be nice to look like this again?

(Turks & Caicos, Caribbean Cruise 2010)

I’ll write about my progress via a daily log (here), so hopefully that will keep me in check!  (I’ve read that just keeping a food log helps you eat healthier because you have to write down what you eat and it helps you think twice about putting something in your mouth) Here’s the kickoff log from yesterday:


Day: 1

Days to go: 39

Sleep: 6 hours (Thanks, Avery 🙂)

Breakfast: Fiber-Plus Granola Bar, Special K Cereal, Earl Grey Tea

Lunch: Leftovers.  1/2 grilled chicken sandwich and rice

Snacks: Banana, Earl Grey Tea, yogurt

Dinner: Taco night.  (I was light on the cheese and loaded them with veggies!).

Desert: Tiramisu ice cream?  No thank you 🙂 (Vinay will have to finish the Ben&Jerry’s jug alone…)

Workout: Zilch.  (I worked 11 hours today – Tuesdays & Thursday will be my ‘rest’ days because I have to work late)

Scale Says: Forgot to check… will have to tomorrow.

Reflections: I’m not really off to a running start, am I?  I was good about food today, just couldn’t squeeze in a workout – kinda hard when I’m up at 4 with Avery and don’t get home from work until after 7.  Tomorrow is a new day… and I’ll have time to workout when I get home with Avery… maybe a nice brisk walk tomorrow?

Do you have any tips or suggestions to share? How about some quick workouts with a baby in tow?  How did you get back in shape after having a baby?

(jogging stroller photo courtesy of have a great deal, only $100!)


13 thoughts on “FIT in 40: Day 1

  1. Good Luck! I think it’s a good plan. I’ve always thought when it comes to getting and staying “fit” you can’t go wrong with the classics.

    • Thanks! I’ve already denied myself a usual bag of potato chips for lunch and opted for yogurt. Baby steps, but it’ll make all the difference after time, right?!

  2. You can totally do it! You don’t need to work out every day — even try to start with taking a walk 2-3 days a week for 20-30 minutes — that’d be a great start and you’d still be able to be with your little one, it’d be good for him, too! A GREAT site to use is, it’s excellent. You put in all of your info — height, weight, how much you want to lose. And it’ll tell you how many calories you should consume to lose weight. You can log your food and it’ll tell you how many fat calories, calories, protein, etc you ate and how much you have left for the day. If you have a smart phone, i believe they have an app that makes it super easy.

    Good luck! Will be watching for your progress! 🙂

    • Thanks, Daisiey (& Buggy)! The weather has been up and down this spring, so hopefully it will cooperate and I can take Avery for a brisk stroll every night after we get home from work/daycare. I tried the myfitness pal app months ago and just couldn’t stick with it because I have 50 other things I’m thinking about doing all day – maybe I need to get back into it and just really make it a priority! Thanks for your suggestions…and encouragement!

  3. Congrats on starting to get fit, and for your trip! I’ll say I don’t know how to lose the baby weight cause… well I’m nineteen and haven’t joined the teenage mom club. xDDD
    One thing that isn’t a workout persay, but you can do it in five minutes to fill in those days were you aren’t able to do much. And that’s stretching. It’s good to stretch after workouts to cool down, but it is also just good in general! You can stretch out for like, five minutes, hopefully get some kinks out from a long days work, and your done! Heck you can even involve Avery by being able to do things like make silly faces and talking. Not actual play, but if he’s entertained, it can make it fun. 🙂

    • Thanks for the encouragement…and thanks for making me hungry – just checked out your blog and saw you tagline about buns of steel vs cinnamon buns… yummm. Hahaha

  4. I think you are off to a good start! Changing a diet does so much by itself. I am a runner myself and have always been active. (I played field hockey for 12 years). The most effective workouts have been ones that involve both cardio and strength. Muscle helps you burn faster! Jumping rope is hard but incredible effective. (I hope to do that again after the baby is here). Also try to be done eating by 8 or 9 pm so you don’t sleep on a full stomach. Ok, that is all I have to offer. In three months I will be in your same shoes – had the baby, recovery time, and then ready to get my body back!

    • Thanks for all the tips! I think just making healthy food choices makes a big difference. Jumping rope is a great idea! I’m sure Avery will get a kick outta seeing that!

  5. hI! Love the blog 🙂 First time I commented though 😉 I really liked doing this Food Lovers Cleanse after Christmas this winter. I struggle with bloat and it really made me feel more energetic and cleaned out without sacrificing too much.
    And I just try to make my plate full of more greens and veggies, or eat a salad every night before dinner. Now I am not doing so good with that, being pregnant has changed my tastes so much but I cant wait to get back to more veggies.

    I also love doing Jullian Michaels workout videos. The 30 Day Shred is great (even if you only do it a few times a week) its quick and a good workout. And running of course is a great full body workout and its quick and you can do it anywhere. good luck! you can do it!

    • Thanks, Tessa! Unfortunetly I caught a bug over the weekend and spent our date night over the toilet 😦 When I’m back 100% I’ll be putting my new jogging stroller to good use! Oh, and I love Jillian Michaels.. never tried out one of her workouts though – I should try it!

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