Before & After: The Hallway

That’s right, we FINALLY decided on a color for our hallway.  Who would have thought that it would take two months and four paint colors for us to finally complete the hallway ‘renovation’?!  It’s such a small space too… It’s an ‘L’ shape and each side is probably 5 feet long and with 4 doorways coming off it, there isn’t that much wall space.  Oh well.  It’s finally DONE.  Here’s a quick recap of the whole process and of coarse, the AFTER photos!


Our hallway was a blank slate, so we decided to showcase a painting from an Indian artist to brighten the space – but we were boggled as to what color would be the best backdrop for the colorful piece.  So began the color debacle…

Test Colors:Purple Statice & Granite Boulder 

This sat on the walls for a month before we decided to go with the grey instead of purple, but a lighter tone and that led to testing two more colors on another wall…

Test Colors: Gentle Rain & Sterling

Although our readers favored the grey with a hint of blue, we decided on ‘Gentle Rain’.  Why?  Because our bedroom off the hallway is a similar blue…

So, with that, we made our trip to Home Depot to pickup a quart of BEHR paint with primer (To cover all the colors now adorning our hallway), a few new tiny brushes, paint roller and pan (Total=$9, thanks to our buddies Jeff & John who gave us a gift card at our open house).  So, while Avery was taking a nap this weekend, we went to work…

Two coats later, we have this lovely final product…

We feel very accomplished FINALLY having this space finished.  One more room complete!  We’ve been super-busy with work and Avery lately so these small weekend projects fit perfect for our schedule.  The entire (final) painting of the room took a total of maybe 2 hours.  The planning and color decisions of coarse took a lot longer, but we’ve found that if you spend the extra time planning, you’ll be much happier with the final product!
What do you think of our ‘renovated’ hallway?  Do you agree with our color choice? What quick DIY projects are you able to accomplish on the weekends?

11 thoughts on “Before & After: The Hallway

  1. The color is so pleasing and pretty. You guys did great! All that beautiful white trim just sets it off. I’m sure it’s heaven to wall through your beautiful hall. There’s nothing like a finished project. ahhhh…. done.
    P.S. Hope you are all getting some sleep?

    • Stacey, thanks for the feedback. We do feel great about the space now … so nice to finally to have that checked off our list! Sleep? It was better last night but we’re going to try some need bedtime tactics and see if we can get back to Avery sleeping thru the WHOLE night… then I can have more energy for more home reno projects!

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