Leavin’ on a Jet Plane

That’s right.  We’ve just booked Avery’s first flight!  All THREE of us will be traveling across the country to visit Vinay’s family in California.  We haven’t seen them since our wedding last May, and they have yet to meet Avery.  We’ve been keeping in touch via the blog, iPhone Face Time and Skype video chats, but it’s just not cutting it.  They’ll get to see the real thing in June!

Our West Coast Family at our wedding:

As excited as we are, we are super-cautious about the planning of this trip so we don’t turn into THAT family on the airplane.  You know, the family you watch board the plane juggling a baby, bags, and stroller while handing their tickets to the agent and you think to yourself, oh God, please don’t let them be sitting next to me.  Nobody wants to hear a screaming baby for six hours… especially the parents of that baby.  So, we have two months to research and make a game plan so this trip is as enjoyable as possible!

So, do you have any tips, tricks, or suggestions?  We’ll keep you posted on our plans and look forward to everyone’s helpful comments!

On another note, Vinay and I are super-excited to travel again.  As parents of a little one born in the fall, we’ve had to keep indoors and travelling less than we’d really like because of the chilly weather and Avery being young.  Before Avery came along, we used to be world travelers.  In fact, our Wedding theme was travel.

But as my sister so beautifully said on our wedding day,

“Their shared love of travel might begin to take on a new meaning…to the simple, everyday travels that their new life will bring”

Taking Avery to daycare, going shopping, and visiting New York and Vermont have become our new travels.  And we love them.  They are adventurous.  We learn something new each trip (Like last night Avery and I got stuck in traffic and I didn’t have any toys for him so he played with bowls.  He was totally amused.), and we always enjoy each others company.  So although I’m not laying out on the beach in my tiny bikini, basking in south of the equator sun every 6 months, I know I’d much rather be wearing yoga pants, a t-shirt smeared with sweet potatoe and carrot spit-up, and sitting on a blanket on our unmowed lawn as the sun is setting helping Avery stand up and watch the cars go by as we wait for Daddy to come home from work.  Yeah, that beats a beach any day.

6 thoughts on “Leavin’ on a Jet Plane

  1. If you change his diaper on the plane, be mindful of the person sitting next to you :). I had a girl change her baby’s diaper next to me on a flight and he peed while she had the diaper off him… it travels. Far. Like onto my shirt far.

    • Oh no! It’s a 6+ hour flight, so I’ll definitely be changing him. I’ll be using the bathroom though because of all people, mommies know how far a little boy can shoot – doesn’t surprise me you got hit! Sorry, but it happens to the best of us 🙂

  2. I flew with my kid when he was 4.5 months old and the he was fine throughout except during the landing.

    The buzzing in his ears was driving him mad! We’ve been given cotton balls to put in his ears during the start of the flight but he managed to dislodge them even while he was asleep.

    They usually instruct parents of infants to keep a bottle ready with either milk or juice. Give it to the baby during take-off or landing or whenever the plane gains or loses altitude. The sucking movement will keep their ears from buzzing.

    However if Avery sleeps through the entire flight you have nothing to worry about. But if you need to change his diapers, do wipe down the changing table in the loo with a disinfectant wipe or one of his baby wipes, no telling who’s been there.

    Have a safe and fun flight!

    • Thanks for the helpful tips, Ayanti! Those changing tables scare me everywhere we go. I always put down a mat no matter what – don’t know what’s been on there, especially in a plane!

  3. If you’re nursing, doing so during take off and landing will help his ears not to hurt–classic cause for crying. Or a bottle, if you’re not nursing. Once when my baby was crying, I held her up in the air so she could see everyone’s faces in the seats behind us. That made her stop…for so long as I could hold my arms out. Turns out she was fighting a bug. I didn’t know that until we got home. Otherwise, thanks to the nursing, which lead to sleeping, I haven’t had trouble flying with babies.

    Also, I’ve been following and enjoying your blog for some time now. Would you consider following (and hopefully enjoying) mine as well? http://parentingisfunny.wordpress.com.

    • Holding your baby up in the air is a great idea. Avery typically gets cranky when he is bored, so if he’s looking at people, it will defintely help – thanks for the tip!

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