Millions of Peaches… Peaches for me

“Movin’ to the Country I’m Gonna eat a Lot of Peaches…”

I start singing that song whenever I hear the word peaches 🙂  And once you see Avery’s reaction to peaches, you’ll see that he wishes he had millions of them to eat! Here’s the play by play:

The first spoonful – cereal & peaches.

The reaction – hmmm what’s that?

fast forward 5 minutes and it’s finger licking good…

The bowl is empty but someone is looking for more…

Is there any left in there?

hmm maybe he can lick it clean…

And the aftermath…

To say Avery enjoys peaches is an understatement!  And as always, we followed this messy adventure with a bath – in which our little man was still looking for more food and chomping on everything in sight…

peaches is our second to last ‘first food’.  Green beans are next and then we’re on to the next level ‘Sitter’ once Avery masters sitting up on his own – should be in the next couple weeks as he turns 6 months.  He can sit upright a second or two now… so we’re working on it!  Then he’ll graduate into the next food level and we’ll have more fun foods to try!

4 thoughts on “Millions of Peaches… Peaches for me

  1. It looks like we have the same walker! Lili just started to like it.

    We were starting the baby food at 4-months as her pediatrician said we could start, but then she got sick a few times and decided to wait it out. So, we really started consistently feeding her around 5-6 months. Of course, we get the whole, “Oh, I gave our baby regular food at this age”. Especially the, “I know how to take care of babies. I had two”. I need to get a onesie that says, “My mom doesn’t need your advice!” I saw it somewhere. It must have been on pinterest. HA.

    • Ah! I’d love that onesie! People really don’t understand that every baby is different – and how to keep things to themselves! Oh well. Does Lili move around in the walker yet? Avery has only figured out how to move backwards… very amusing. Yet, we’re wondering how long it’ll take him to really get the hang of it and start ‘driving’ around the whole house!

      • HA! She was doing the whole moving backwards motion for a bit. Now she’s full on walking in it though. We actually bought it about a month ago (as if we can fit anymore of her toys in the tiny living room we have). But yes, she loves it. She also has the activity/walker. She stands up on her own with this one. Do you use a gate?

        Avery isn’t too far behind Lili. When was he born?

      • I know!!! We try to only buy the essential ‘toys’ for his development, yet everywhere you look is a contraption for Avery. We did buy a gate. I argued with my husband that I wouldn’t buy the walker unless we bought a gate too. No need for the gate yet.. but soon!

        Avery was born Sept 29th last year. What about Lili?

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