Baby Got Back

At 5-1/2 months, Avery’s mobility advances on a daily basis.  He started consistently rolling over at 5 months.  We were super-excited and we spent an entire night sitting on the floor taking pictures and just watching him until he would roll over.  Then we would flip him back over on his back and wait to see him do it again!

As the days passed by, rolling over became Avery’s new hobby and we couldn’t put him down without seeing this in a matter of seconds…

He used to throw a fit during ‘tummy time’.  He would just lie there with his face down on the mat and cry.  Or he would do the super-man and lift his arms and legs like he was floating on water.  Now he’s grabbing at toys and propping himself up on his arms for longer periods of time.

I can now lay Avery down on his gym mat and ten minutes later he’ll be on his tummy and has rotated 180 degrees around.  I don’t think that qualifies as ‘scooting’.. more like shuffling?  And Grammy noticed this past weekend when we visited VT, that he only ‘scoots’ backwards when he’s on his tummy.

And within the past week, Avery has started moving in his new wheels (a walker), but only goes backwards!

Check out this video of our little mover in action.


Do you think we should be worried he only moves backwards?  Haha.  That’s one special kiddo!


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