Weekend at Grammy and Grampy’s

We spent the weekend in Vermont, celebrating St.Patty’s Day and Grampy’s Birthday.

Our weekend trip was planned weeks ago – between me and Grammy as a surprise for Grampy.  So, my usual packing routine began Wednesday night.  I did a load of Avery’s laundry and got a few things into Avery’s suitcase (Yes, he has his very own thanks to some lovely ladies in NYC).  Then Thursday night, the suitcase and car were packed and ready for Friday morning.  It’s amazing the amount of stuff you need to pack for a 5-month old for a two-day trip.

Friday night after a long day at work and daycare, Avery and I made the 250 mile journey up to Grammy and Grampy’s house.  We made a pit stop in Henniker, NH for a quick bite and restroom break (aka a bottle and diaper). It took us a little while to get back on the road but after I pulled over two times, Avery finally fell asleep until we reached Grammy and Grampy’s.  And Grampy sure was surprised – well, he was about 10 minutes before we got there.  (Vinay had called the house just before we arrived asking if we got there yet – I forgot to tell him it was a surprise.  So Grampy was surprised to hear we were minutes away!)

The first order of business?  Well, after Avery was showered with hugs and kisses, it was time to eat.  And lucky Grammy and Grampy because it was the day for Avery to try Prunes!

mmm mmm good!  Although Avery was up WAY past his bedtime, he played for a while to tucker himself out and then we all turned in for the night and Grammy tended to Avery during the night while I got some much needed rest!

Saturday morning I spent with Grampy putting wainscoting up in Kendra’s bathroom (Hi Kendra!).  Then with they money Kendra paid us, Grammy and I went shopping and bought Avery lots of goodies – sunglasses, shoes, sandals, and hats!

Vinay wasn’t happy when I sent him this picture.  He didn’t know (until we got home Sunday) that we also got him a Yankees hat.  We’ll let him decide which team (Red Sox) he likes best (Red Sox) when he grows up (Red Sox).

We enjoyed the super-nice weather by taking two walks with Pokey and Fraiser (the dogs) and Avery swang on the porch.

We had Corned Beef and Cabbage, (in honor of St. Patty’s Day) and during the cooking process Grampy gave Avery a carrot to try.

He chewed on it pretty good – considering he doesn’t have any teeth yet!

On Sunday, we packed up and on our way out, we stopped in to see Great Grandma & Grandpa.  And of coarse, we had to arrive in style…

And it was nice out again so we took a walk, and had lunch on the back porch…

Then it was time to go and Grammy and Grampy fussed over Avery as we got ready to head back home…

And man, was it a fun ride home.  Typically Avery sleeps the whole way, but this time, he was not happy – Grampy says it’s because he didn’t want to leave Vermont.  Well, whatever it was, Avery was not a happy camper.  He had a fit and wouldn’t calm down the first hour of the ride, resulting in me pulling over 4 times.  Then after feeding him and playing with him to tucker him out, he finally fell asleep – only to wake up 30 minutes from home, hungry again.  So, by the time we got home, it had taken us 6 hours.  It was a rough end to the weekend, but well worth our fun visit!


13 thoughts on “Weekend at Grammy and Grampy’s

  1. It was so good to see you! Thanks so much for coming to help your dad with my project!! I so love it and am so appreciative!! (I will post pictures soon!) I love all of Avery’s new accessories! He is growing up so fast!!

      • I’m certain there’s no hurry. Clearly, you’ve been extra busy lately with travel and the little one. 🙂

      • Yes, very busy! I haven’t even unpacked our bags from the weekend. I typically work on my blog during my lunch break at work because that’s the only free time I have all day!

      • There is an easy read article in the most recent Real Simple regarding women and “free time.” It seems women these days don’t have trouble so much with work-home balance but more chore, parenting, home-home balance. Not that’ I’m implying you are
        “unbalanced” in any fashion. Lol. I respect everything you can accomplish in a day. Somedays, I never make it out of my gym clothes and into the shower! AND you have time to write fiction on your lunch hour?! You are an excellent example. I’m a horrible warning! LOL

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