Oh Baby!

This time last year we were excitedly sharing with family and friends that we were expecting, and due in October!  And although you may be thinking (because of the posting title) that we have more news to share….. but we don’t! (give us a couple years to figure out raising one kid… can’t even imagine TWO right now!) Instead, I’m writing because I think baby fever has hit!  In the past week, I have had three family/friends announce that they are expecting!  And I’m sure there will be more…

I always thought September & October were big ‘birth months’.  I have lots of family and friends with birthdays in those months.  Then I’ve heard people say that’s because ‘baby making’ typically happens in the winter because it’s cold and people are inside and hey, there’s nothing else to do.  I also heard a story about one year we had a big snowstorm, stranding people at home, that exactly 9 months after that there was a higher than usual number of births.  Now, these are all hear-say and being from New England (Vermont originally.  We’re now in Boston), the ‘cold winter’ theory doesn’t apply to many other parts of the country.  So this led me to some research…

According to this article on BabyCenter.com:

Biggest Birth Day of the Week: Tuesday

I went into labor with Avery on a Wednesday night, and he arrived on a Thursday morning.

Biggest Birth Month: September

Although Avery was due in October, and we had this super-awesome Baby Pool (which all our family and friends guessed dates, gender, and time), he arrived 3 1/2 weeks early – in September!  The winner of the baby pool was off by a measly 14 days.

Boy vs. Girl: Boy

Pink or blue?  If you can’t wait (we wanted a surprise), you’re more likely to have a Boy.  “With about 1,048 male babies born for every 1,000 female babies born in 2008, boys are keeping the edge in a ratio that’s stayed about the same over the past 60 years.”

Premies: 12%

Avery was among that 12%!  Preterm babies are born 37weeks or earlier (pregnancy is supposed to be around 40 weeks to ‘full-term’).  If you’re expecting, get prepared WAY before your due date.  I seriously finished hanging the last picture frame in the nursery hours before my water broke later that night.

Average Birth Weight: 7 pounds, 4.26 ounces

Avery didn’t quite hit the mark… he was 5lbs 15oz.  But that doesn’t keep him from growing like crazy.  He’s still a little small according to his growth chart, but he’s almost tripled in size already!

I won’t share any names and steal their glory, but to all the new mommies-to-be out there….congrats!  So excited for you and I can’t wait for the exciting showers, baby pools, and announcements to come!


6 thoughts on “Oh Baby!

  1. In the first month or two following Kennas birth I thought wow there is no way I want another right now. With 6 years between my current two I forgot how full time a newborn really was … but alas as we settled into a good schedule in teh last couple months the baby fever reached up and slapped me across the head again! lol

    I will debate though that November is the highest birth month. Only because its 9 months following valentines day. Both my girls are Noember babies. Infact my duedate with Kenna fell inbetween my husband and our oldest. Him being the 20th, my EDD ws teh 21st (she just came early), and our older daughter the 22nd. All together we have 15 birthdays that week alone in our family and 16 that month (maybe more lol)

    • Wow that IS a lot of births in November! I wonder if it differs according to location/climate? The info from that article was directly from the CDC, so it was accurate but I couldn’t find any further breakdowns by state or region or anything to test out my ‘cold winter’ theory 🙂

    • I love surprises! I think it just made the birth that much more exciting. Everyone has their own opinions and to ‘each his own’ but I’m super-excited you have a ‘surprise’ on the way!

  2. I’ve heard the theory about cold weather making babies, and I think it’s pretty much full-proof here in Oklahoma where there’s not a lot to do anyway. Both of my sisters, a cousin, and my Papa are born in October.

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