Globe Trotting

No, not us.  Our blog!

When I was checking the stats for our blog earlier this week, I noticed a new feature that shows where our visitors are coming from, by country.  To my surprise, I found out we’ve gone international!

Our blog is run by  They have an easy to use interface called a ‘dashboard’ that shows me little clips of things like recent comments, posts, and our stats.  Since I’ve been working on the blog, our stats were always displayed like this:

And to my surprise, when I clicked to view more stats, I saw this!

It’s a map of the world (duh!) that highlights the countries our visitors come from.  I was super-thrilled to see that our visitors come as far away as Canada, Pakistan, Sweden, and even Indonesia!  I find myself checking this map every day to see if anyone new has come.  Today, Saudi Arabia joined the group!

Here’s the list of our global followers from most visits to least:

I wonder who all these people are?  I know the majority of visits come from our friends and family in the US, and a couple in our northern neighbor, Canada.  But I don’t know anyone in the UK, Argentina, OH I know who’s in Bermuda (Hi Erin & Kyle).  Vinay has a cousin in Singapore (is that you?). Indonesia and Saudi Arabia are unknowns.  My brother in Germany flying apache helicopters must be checking in on us (Hi Marcus!) And the rest of you in Hong Kong, Greece, Sweden, Mexico, and Spain… thanks for stopping by and making us an international phenomenon! OK maybe not, but still, this is pretty cool!  We’re new to the blogging world, so excuse our utter excitement 🙂

So, all your worldly visitors out there, leave a comment when you pop in, we’d love to know who you are, how you found us and why you find us intriguing enough to check out.

10 thoughts on “Globe Trotting

    • No! Isn’t that weird!? Maybe it logs you as the US? Because when I snail mailed you something it was like an army address thru the US, so maybe your internet line is run really far under the ocean to an outlet in Florida?

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