Kitchen Renovation: Before & After

It’s about time for the big reveal!  We finished the final touches on our kitchen renovation and we’re excited to share the before & after photos.

When we bought our house, we knew it would be a ‘fixer-upper’.  The kitchen especially needed a total overhaul before we could even move in.


With the help of our amazing family and friends, we were able to gut the entire kitchen and build a new one.  If you want to see pictures of the renovation process, Click here.

And if you’re a visual person (like me) a floor plan will help you better picture the kitchen layout.

And here’s our re-design of the space:

Now, lets jump to the good part – The AFTER photos!


We’re excited that it’s DONE.  But in our house, a project is never really ‘done.’  We have some touch-ups to fix on the baseboard and door frame from our fridge fiasco (it was too big to fit through the doorway), window treatments, and maybe eventually a backsplash? We most recently added a DIY Menu Board to the fridge.  But for now, it’s done and we’re focused on other renovation projects around the house, like our ongoing battle about hallway colors.

Not to shabby for 82 square feet, right?! We have high hopes of expanding the kitchen years down the road, so we didn’t go with the whole travertine and marble, perfect to a T redesign.  We kept on a small budget and did all the work and planning ourselves to make our perfect ‘for now’ kitchen.  We’ll share more about our process of getting permits, drawing plans, and budgeting for the project later.


10 thoughts on “Kitchen Renovation: Before & After

    • Thanks, Ameena. The countertops are actually laminate from Lowes. We were on a budget and didn’t splurge on some things like the counters. They look real though!

  1. WOW! You would never have thought that the before picture was your old kitchen!!! It looks so great. I’m kind of jealous!!!! Love the granite counter and the floors too.

    • Thanks! You’re the second person to mention the countertops (they’re actually laminate!). I have plans to post details about the budget we were on and where we cut corners and where we splurged. A granite/marble fancy countertop was too pricey so we opted for laminate and we are thrilled with how real it looks-

  2. I love renovations and all the “before and after” shots! You “liked” my blog post and I wanted to see what yours was all about, so that is how I discovered you. Really cute blog. My husband and I are in similar paths…we got married, I am pregnant with our first, and we have just started the very beginning steps in house hunting. We live in NH.

    • Arryn, congrats on your little one on the way and good luck house hunting! I’d be happy to share tips and keep in touch. So nice to see a fellow New Englander checking out our blog. 🙂

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